The 2017 DNA of an Entrepreneur Report

Read Hiscox’s analysis of the state of entrepreneurship worldwide in the latest edition of our annual report.

You have to have the right type of insurance. As your business changes and grows you need to stay on top of it. When you start your own business, you discover a universe of ongoing costs for things you need like insurance.

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Slate on a special podcast series, Points of Courage, which is designed to highlight the courage of some of our small business clients.

While a handful of business owners achieve incredible success overnight, for most it’s a process that takes time, patience, and a lot of courage. Ross Cassidy’s story is no different. His journey to becoming one of New York's hottest decorators spans three continents and at least 4 careers, including a stint as a dollar bartender. As he explains in his interview, one constant theme that he’s found in his life is that the biggest risks always reap the biggest rewards. This is truly inspirational for all entrepreneurs!