Introducing the 2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits

The recent news has been filled with reports of harassment and discrimination, many of which include high-profile personalities. As a business owner, you may think you’re not affected, that these issues are limited to Hollywood and Capitol Hill. In fact, small to mid-sized businesses across the country face just over a 10% probability they will be on the receiving end of an employment charge of discrimination of some kind. In some states, the likelihood is significantly higher.

If you run a business, it’s likely that you spend at least some of your time trying to figure out how to balance your professional life with your personal life. If you’re strapped for time and feeling stressed, you should consider automating some of your business processes to save time and even money. In this article we’ll share some practical tips for how you can use automation to benefit your business.

Understanding The Automation Trend

There are many circumstances when the assets of your business could be in jeopardy if you don't have general liability insurance.

Female business leaders face several problems in the modern economy. According to the findings of Hiscox’s 2016 DNA of an Entrepreneur report, a lack of capital is a major barrier for small business growth in nearly every country. Small businesses drive innovation and local employment, so disadvantages to woman-owned enterprises can harm the overall economy.