Behind the Scenes of the Hiscox Reactor Video

December 11, 2013

See how our virtual experience came to life.

By now, we hope you’ve activated the Hiscox Reactor, an online experience that takes you through a personalized career journey. The virtual experience is powered by the details of your LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t taken the Reactor journey, do so now! You’ll enjoy seeing how the decisions you make in life and business are all connected. In a previous video, we gave you a glimpse into the Reactor experience, and what you could expect once it was launched. Now we’re giving you a behind the scenes look into the Hiscox Reactor that details how the experience was created from start to finish

Our Hiscox Small Business Insurance marketing department worked closely with the New York team of Tribal Worldwide and the award winning digital team at Media Monks to create the Reactor. The video above shares insight on how the idea was conceived and how the final product came to be. The producers, creative team and marketing representatives from Hiscox Small Business share their insight on working on the virtual experience. Details are provided on how Reactor celebrates the individual journey of small business owners and shows in a fun and engaging way how business insurance can help you succeed. Watch the video to hear their experiences with the Hiscox Reactor!