9 Ways Small Business Owners are Essentially James Bond

November 06, 2015

While small business owners may not have a license to kill, they do share many similarities with the world’s most famous spy, James Bond.  As the newest Bond film, Spectre premiers in theatres, it begs the question – what makes this character so timeless and appealing? It’s because he shares many of the same important characteristics of an entrepreneur. Check out these 9 reasons why small business owners are essentially 007. Just be sure to save the martinis for after work!

1. They’re not afraid to break the rules

Whether it’s leaving a comfortable nine to five to job to fulfill their dream of being their own boss or striking gold with an edgy new marketing campaign, small business owners aren't afraid to disavow traditional wisdom and blaze their own trail.

2. They are deadly focused on their mission

Like Bond, entrepreneurs know that if they are going to be successful in their endeavours they must be focused, like a marksman, on their business.

3. They are magnetic

It’s well documented that 007 has a way with the opposite sex, but it’s not just women that love him, his colleagues also hold him in high regard, especially M. Similarly, entrepreneurs tend to be seen as leaders in their communities and are often sought after for advice.

4. They have a particular set of skills

Any small business owner will tell you that they wear many hats in their business. They’re the CEO, IT expert,  the in-house marketing expert, and sometimes even the plumber. Like Bond, entrepreneurs revel in their independence and are willing to pick up new skills to be successful.

5. They adapt to the times

It doesn't matter if he’s in the mountains, the desert, or under water James Bond always comes prepared with the latest gadgets that help him adapt to his settings. Similarly, entrepreneurs are not afraid to adapt to the latest technology to make their businesses run  more efficiently. Whether it’s square, QuickBooks, or the latest iPhone to promote themselves on social media, small business owners adapt to the times with the latest gadgets.

6. They value what matters

In Casino Royale, James Bond famously agrees to give up his private-eye lifestyle for his one true love, Vesper. Why? Because, at the end of the day, he valued her more than anything. Whether their motivation for starting a small business is to have more freedom, take care of an ailing parent, or send their kid to private school, entrepreneurs start their business because they value what matters.

7. They’re not afraid to go it alone

007 is a one person army, something that solopreneurs know a lot about.

8. They turn to experts when necessary

Bond may be an effective spy, but he also relies on experts back in London for certain things. Similarly, small business owners often turn to experts at their local small business development center, credit union, or SCORE for mentorship and guidance.

9. They know how to dodge bullets

According to the DNA of an Entrepreneur Study, 26% of entrepreneurs started their small business because they couldn’t find a suitable job. Is dodging unemployment really that different from dodging bullets?