4 Steps to Small Business Content Marketing Success: Steps 3 and 4

March 19, 2014

As a follow up to our previous post on content marketing, read the final two steps to creating a content marketing plan for your small business.

Yesterday, we published part one of the 4 Steps to Small Business Content Marketing Success, which also included a concise definition of content marketing and explained the reasons why content marketing is a good tactic for small businesses to pursue.  Today we’ve got the last two steps in creating a content marketing program for your budding enterprise. See below for the final two steps you’ll need to take in order to establish a content marketing plan for your small business.

3. Build your content arsenal It’s often a lot easier to generate a content library first and then begin publishing, because it prevents the dreaded two-week trap – the problem of starting a content marketing strategy and going full steam for two weeks, then running out of content to share.  Based on your editorial calendar you’ll know what kind of content you need and when, so go ahead and start building it out in dedicated chunks of time.  Later, as the content marketing program matures and you become too busy to write for many days at a time, you’ll have content you can pluck from the library and send off to work. 4. Post, share and measure If don’t measure the success of your content marketing strategies you won’t know if they’re working, or what to tweak and what to ditch.  If you know how many people are reading and sharing your content you’ll know what topics are popular and which pieces of information weren’t as well-received – and therefore what to repurpose and rework for future sharing.  Google Analytics is the easiest tool to use for gathering this data, and it’s free – a price all small business owners can appreciate! Content marketing may not be a revolutionary new marketing technique, but it is an improvement technique that can drive better quality prospects to your business.  Spend some time researching what others in your industry are doing with content marketing and check out these content marketing ideas to get your creative engines revving.  Then get cracking on your own small business content marketing plan and watch sales to your perfect customer types increase. Get featured on the Hiscox small business blog! Leave a comment sharing if plan on implementing a content marketing strategy for your small business. Your answer could be featured in an upcoming post on the Hiscox blog.