4 of 2014’s best small business marketing tactics

August 18, 2014

Use the last half of the year to boost your small business marketing with these quick to implement tactics.

Small business marketing moves fast, even when you have a marketing plan in place, you’ll need to act quick to implement necessary changes. As a busy entrepreneur you might not have as much time for marketing research and updates as you’d like.  That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of today’s top marketing trends – ideas to know about and tactics to implement.  Check it out, compare it to your current marketing activities and make adjustments as needed. Content marketing This type of marketing, which involves creating and sharing media and publishing content, rose to prominence in 2012 and shows no sign of slowing.  That’s because content marketing delivers useful information to people who want it.  It’s targeted because you define your audience and it’s in line with your business’ personality because you use the marketing methods you like most.

Images, images, images Using photos, illustrations and videos in marketing works because they break up text and work as both visual interest and focal points. Pinterest and Instagram have millions of users and are primarily photo-based, while Vine shares users’ short (6 second) videos.  All three gained traction as channels to plan weddings and share vacation fun, but the uses for small business marketing are limited only by your creativity. Mobile Smartphone use just keeps growing, with 56% of American adults owning one and younger people likely having one regardless of income.  With this level of adoption it’s clear that many, if not most, of your customers and potential clients are using mobile to read email, shop and research purchases.  Make sure your online marketing, from your website to your ads to your emails – are optimized for mobile. The Constant Contact Mobile Technology Survey confirmed that 66% of small business owners use mobile technology. Make sure your small business is one of them. Reviews Online review websites like Yelp! and Google Reviews are another hotbed of marketing potential.  Of course you can’t buy or ethically influence reviews, but you can encourage customers to review your business online.  You can also leverage those reviews by including testimonials in your marketing materials. As you might have noticed, none of these small business marketing practices are incredibly complicated.  But if you build them into your existing marketing program the results may be incredibly productive.  If you’re already using one of more of these marketing tactics, leave a comment and let us know how it’s working. We’re looking forward to your insight!