3 ways to combat the winter blues in your business

January 22, 2015

Whether you call them the winter blues, cold weather blahs, or winter doldrums, the shorter days and colder temperatures of winter are likely having a negative effect on your mood and productivity – and that can impact your business. But you don’t have to patiently suffer until the flowers bloom again this Spring. Here are three ideas to help you combat the negative effects of winter. Have a company morale-building excursion Five days a week of fluorescent lighting and stale air can really take a toll on moods and attitudes. Bust out of the rut with an afternoon off every other week, for you or your staff. You can use the time to decompress and pursue one of your hobbies, or even plan a company morale-building excursion like hiking or bowling. Use light to increase productivity If your office or store has windows, make sure the blinds and curtains are open so as much natural light as possible gets in. Natural light, as well as light therapy lamps, are proven to help people feel better and drive productivity during the winter. Start a new project Now is a great time to launch a new small business idea that you can get excited about and staff can rally around. It can be a drive to land that dream client, a customer pow-wow to help pick out new products, or starting a fundraiser for a non-profit. Whatever you choose, it will be something new and interesting to focus on – a sure-fire way to put those blahs in the backseat. What techniques do you use to combat winter blues? Did you try one of our suggestions? Leave your ideas and feedback in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!