3 Unique Ways Small Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2015

Today is Earth Day and it’s an opportunity for every business, no matter how big or small, to make some changes that will help reduce energy consumption and keep our world clean. These are worthwhile things, clean air is something most people enjoy. Well, except those who are into Rollin Coal, but that’s a story for another day. Less energy use also means reduced costs, something every small business owner can get behind. Here are three easy ways you can use to get into the spirit of Earth Day and reduce your costs now:

1. Get your head in the clouds

Moving your data into the cloud is a great first step to reducing your local energy consumption. The IT room full of servers, and their companion cooling fans, takes up a lot of energy and space. Cloud-based applications are becoming more and more mainstream and small businesses have the most to gain by reducing IT costs that can quickly strain tight start up budgets.

2. Give your team some space

Let your workers have the option of working remotely. You can start with one day a week and increase the number of days a week once you’re comfortable and happy that you’re maintaining productivity. Since you’ve already followed my first piece of advice and moved your IT infrastructure to the cloud, your team can access all of the documents and other resources they need to work efficiently away from the office. Before you implement this, you’ll want to be confident that that your data and communications are encrypted so you're not exposing your business, or your customers info. Implementing a remote working policy cuts down on the emissions from commuting for the majority of the workers who drive to work. It will also cut down commuting costs for your employees, a hidden perk. Before you know it, you might even need less office space, cutting your costs even more.

3. Make it a team effort

Ask your employees for ideas on how your business can be greener and offer incentives for ideas that are successfully implemented. Your team will appreciate the opportunity to come up with their own concepts and you can also give them authority to implement approved initiatives to make them work for your company. You’ll be able to give recognition to specific employees, increase teamwork and create cost savings all while helping the environment. Saving the earth and saving money can go hand in hand with these easy to implement strategies for your small business.