3 Simple Tips for Small Business Cloud Marketing

March 27, 2015

Marketing is getting more complex for everyone, but for small business owners who often have to do more with less, the field can be even more challenging. Our customers are becoming increasingly media savvy –fast forwarding through commercials and breezing  through traditional print and radio advertisements. At the same time, the number of ways to reach them keeps growing. Needless to say, between staying on top of SEO, websites, a blog, and presences on Facebook and LinkedIn and Instagram, anyone could use a little help. Enter cloud marketing. To compete in this new and crowded marketing landscape, many small businesses are turning cloud marketing to optimize their marketing operations. Defined as the use of the internet and online portals to present products, engage with customers, and push brand messages, cloud marketing has potentially enormous benefits for all small businesses. If you are interested in activating cloud marketing at your small business, follow our top three tips for getting started.   1. Get Tech Savvy Cloud technology tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud bring together all of your customer data and marketing programs, cross-checking client behaviors with messages and platforms so you can send the right message at the right time, across devices. These resources can help you  quickly determine which clients should receive a follow-up email with an offer and which prospects could use access to a white paper on your website.

  • Key Benefit:  Each client interaction is seamlessly recorded and used to inform future interaction.

2. It’s All About the Delivery Marketing is all about timing. You can use cloud marketing to make sure that people see the best message depending on where they are in the buying cycle. No more accidentally sending a new client discount to current customers by mistake. Create content, define when it gets used, load in your customer data, and your marketing is set.

  • Key Benefit: You will save time. It’s like you have a marketing assistant to help control distribution and details of your marketing communications

3. Track, Evaluate, Repeat You can also leverage the marketing cloud to track how impactful individual messages and posts are, comparing results both across and within target market segments. This tells you who liked which message on which platform and when. You can use that detail to inform how you approach customers going forward.

  • Key Benefit: Better marketing strategy. Once you know what works, you can stop doing all the other stuff.

Regardless of your type of business, it’s likely that cloud marketing can help streamline some of your marketing operations and processes. Adopting new business technology may seem overwhelming  at first, but when done right, you will definitely see the return on investment. So, consider leveraging some cloud marketing as you strive to reach your target clients.