3 fall cleaning tips for your business

September 17, 2014

Guest blogger Eydie Stumpf of Terra Media Marketing shares tips for getting into the swing of things after the lazy days of summer.

Ahhhhh – those crazy, lazy days of summer. Are you like many people who take the time to slow down during the summer months? As we take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather, we sometimes put our businesses on hold for a while in order to rejuvenate ourselves before the brisk days of fall, and the cold, dark days of winter reappear. I’m one of those entrepreneurs who takes time off in the summer from my business Terra Media Marketing. I use the downtime to unwind, spend more time with the family, travel and just plain old chill’ with a glass of wine by the pool. In order to do that, however, I have to have things in place so that my business doesn’t take a nose dive while I playing hooky.

Now that fall is creeping upon us, I’ll be gearing myself up for the coming year. It’s time to do some fall cleaning, so let’s take a look at three tips to get your fun in the sun plans in gear for next summer:

  • Organization: This is actually an all year round task, but an organized desk is a sure-fire way to keep your business running smoothly. Clear everything off your desk regularly. Dust it down, give it a good polish, and then decide which items should go back on top, which should be filed, and which should simply be trashed. Clearing off and organizing your desk opens up space for new business and money, allowing work to find its way to you. This goes for organizing your computer files and email inbox.
  • Show Up: Whether face-to-face networking, or networking on line using social media sites to connect with prospects and referral partners, you have to show up. Okay, so showing up is not exactly fall cleaning, but often, our summertime calendar gets filled with trips to the beach, BBQs, hiking, biking and other activities, and we put networking on the back burner. Fall is the time to get back to the basics of business networking. Evaluate the networking groups where you have membership. Are they still working for you? Have you given and gotten referrals? Is Facebook still helping you reach out to prospects? Yes? Then continue with what’s working. If not, consider other networking options. Whatever you decide – your business isn’t going to grow unless you show up.
  • Review your business plan: This is the piece that will really help you take that exotic vacation next summer. Reevaluating, and rebuilding your business plan each year will help you design and run your business to reflect your goals… and how you’re going to reach them. The fall is the perfect time to get this done. Review your current plan and ask yourself: Did you reach your goals? Yes or No? Why did you reach them? Why didn’t you reach them? What can you replicate? What can you do differently in the new year?

Here’s a little tip one of my business coaches drummed into my head some years ago -- make sure you schedule your time off BEFORE scheduling your work. You know how we very often forget about ourselves, right? So, get those days off, weekend getaways, and vacations on the books in the fall. Don’t wait until next year – do it now! What fall cleaning tips can you share? I’d love to hear your great ideas! Please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts. Eydie Stumpf is a Social Media Consultant based in Corona, California. She specializes in WordPress creation and blogging. Connect with Eydie via email at [email protected].