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Tailored Insurance Coverage for Landscapers

Tailored Insurance for LANDSCAPERS


You’ve worked hard to build your landscaping business so you can provide for your family and leave them a legacy. But as a landscaper, you face specific risks. Hiscox offers customized liability insurance to protect your business from claims and lawsuits.

Professional liability insurance

You can be sued for almost anything, even if you haven’t made a mistake. If a customer has rare plantings that died after you transplanted them, or one of your employees makes untrue and derogatory comments about a client, you could be looking at a claim or a lawsuit. Professional liability insurance could protect you and your business, including covering costs to defend yourself.


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General liability insurance

If you damage a customer’s property while mowing their lawn or tilling their garden, or if a child is hurt because they tripped over your equipment, you could be liable. General liability insurance can protect your business and your family, by covering third party claims for property damage, personal injury and bodily injury, including medical costs.

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