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November 23 2015     
The North Bay Business Journal California employers face high threat of liability   
Lawyers and Settlements Apple California Lawsuit Dismissed


November 18 2015     
Risk & Insurance Some Surprising States Lead in Employment Litigation Lawsuits  
Ohio Employer’s Law Blog: The cost to defend a discrimination lawsuit (and can you do anything about it)



November 17 2015     
Independent Agent Cyber Coverage Can Be Deceptive 
Claims Journal Employee Practices Lawsuits Continue to Increase


November 16 2015   
SmallBiz Daily Social Media Marketing for Introverts, Are Your Employees Engaged?, Do You Know Your EQ? and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know


November 16 2015     
Albuquerque Journal NM No. 1 in employee lawsuits


November 13 2015     
PC360 People on the move in the P&C insurance industry: Nov. 13, 2015


November 12 2015    
Insurance Journal States with the Highest Employee Lawsuit Risk


November 11 2015 Employment claims in Alabama are very expensive: be proactive


November 10 2015     
HR Dive How to avoid the high cost of employee lawsuits  
PE Hub Level Funded Health grabs venture funding


November 6 2015     
HR morning What will that next discrimination charge cost you?


November 4 2015     
Insurance Business America These 12 states experience the highest number of employee lawsuits Study: Employers face 12 percent chance of employee lawsuit; Figures even higher in New Mexico, D.C., Nevada 
Risk Management Monitor The Riskiest States for Employee Lawsuits


November 3 2015     
The Wall Street Journal Survey Roundup: Casual Attitudes Toward Revenue Recognition Rules

PC360 Top 12 states most at risk for employee lawsuits    
Insurance Business America Cyber business to quadruple within four years


November 2 2015     
Security Magazine Security 500: Security Takes Center Stage


November 1 2015    
Carrier Management Reinsurance Execs Weigh in on the Future of the Traditional Reinsurance Industry





October 29 2015     
Insurance Information Institute Employment Matters Cost 

Claim's Journal Hiscox Outlines Top States, Issues for Employee Lawsuits Against Businesses   

Insurance Journal Hiscox Appoints Waddell to Lead General Liability Team with Focus on U.S. Risks


October 28 2015     
Advisen Hiscox study reveals states with highest employee lawsuit risk   

Insurance Business America California businesses 40% more likely to be sued by employees

Insurance Journal What Are Chances a U.S Business Will Face an Employee Lawsuit?


October 27 2015     
Carrier Management Tools for Successful Leaders

Insurance Journal/Carrier Management Hiscox USA’s Ben Walter Skeptical M&A Surge Will Continue    

AM Best Hiscox'  Walter: Insurers' Challenge is Aggregate Exposure    

Employment Law Daily Small/mid-sized employers in some states face higher risk of employment charges than national average   

Business Insurance Likelihood of employment-related litigation depends on the state  

Nevada Business Hiscox Study Reveals States with Highest Employee Lawsuit Risk


October 26 2015     
Insurance Journal Hiscox USA Names Wong as National Broker Manager, Bailey as Southwest Executive 

Carrier Management Reinsurance Execs Weigh In on Cyber Risk


October 25 2015     
Carrier Management Reinsurance Execs Weigh In on Consolidation    

Carrier Management Reinsurance Execs Weigh In on Pricing


October 23 2015     
PC360 People on the move in the P&C insurance industry: October 23, 2015


October 22 2015     
Reuters MOVES - Hiscox makes senior executive appointments  

Reuters MOVES - BNP Paribas, BTG, Normura, Hiscox, Ernst & Young


October 21 2015    
Carrier Management How P/C Leaders Unplug and Find Work/Life Balance

Carrier Management Hiscox USA’s Benjamin Walter Discusses Tools for Successful P/C Insurance Leaders


October 19 2015    
Carrier Management Executives Weigh In


October 11 2015   
Business Insurance Evolving cyber risks top broker, insurer concerns


October 1 2015      
Risk & Insurance Beyond the Breach 

Tech News World Logitech Adds Portability to Home Monitoring





September 17 2015    
Carrier Management Hiscox’s ILS Assets Surpass $600 Million With Cardinal Re Launch


September 14 2015    
Insurance Journal Why Now Is Time to Privatize Flood Insurance: a Candid Conversation with Hiscox USA CEO Walter

Insurance Journal Cardinal Re Launch Takes Hiscox’s ILS Assets to More Than $600 Million


September 11 2015     
AM Best Surplus Lines Execs: Heavy Competition, Change Ahead


September 7 2015    
Global Backgrounds How A Civil Background Check Can Help You Make Better Decisions


September 4 2015     
Insurance Journal Hiscox Appoints Berg-Winters as Head of UK Claims

Property Casualty 360 People on the move: September 4, 2015


September 1 2015    
National Underwriter Property Casualty They’re Robbing You Blind





August 28 2015     
Insurance Journal Hiscox Appoints Giralt as Head of Property for Miami MGA   

Insurance Insider Hiscox hires head of property at Miami MGA


August 27 2015    
Insurance Journal Podcast Why Now Is Time to Privatize Flood Insurance


August 14 2015     
Insurance Business America Career Path


August 13 2015     
Dentistry IQ 5 overlooked risks in your dental office and what you can do about them


August 3 2015    
National Underwriter Property Casualty Caution: Talent Gap Ahead  

National Underwriter Property Casualty 7 things the insurance industry needs to know about the looming talent gap





July 30 2015     
National Underwriter Property Casualty People on the move: July 30, 2015


July 28 2015     
New York Business Journal People on the Move


July 21 2015     
Business Insurance Comings and Goings


July 23 2015     
Insurance Innovation Reporter Hiscox Names Nicole Goodwin Chief Underwriting Officer

Insurance Networking News Hiscox Names Chief Underwriter for USA


July 22 2015    
Reuters MOVES - Nicole Goodwin named chief underwriting officer of Hiscox USA


July 21 2015     
Carrier Management Hiscox USA Brings On New Chief Underwriting Officer

Insurance Journal Hiscox USA Names Goodwin to Chief Underwriter Post

Best's Insurance News Hiscox USA Names Chief Underwriting Officer


July 14 2015     
CNBC 3 insurance scams every small business should avoid


July 1 2015       
Security Magazine Small Businesses Get Hit Hardest by Employee Theft    

CBS Local - Philadelphia Most Embezzlers Are Middle-Aged Women






June 29 2015     
Carrier Management Hiscox Offers Protection for Home Health Care


June 19 2015 Catching Them Red-Handed: Preventing Employee Theft


June 17 2015     
National Underwriter Property Casualty Raising the digital bar: 3 ways that insurance carriers are using tech to redefine the consumer experience


June 16 2015    
Risk Management Monitor Hiscox-2


June 15 2015    
National Underwriter Property Casualty 8 tips to mitigate employee theft risks


June 15 2015     
National Underwriter Property Casualty Around the Industry: June 15, 2015


June 10 2015    
Carrier Management Hiscox Expands Tailor-Made Solutions for Professionals


June 9 2015      
Insurance Business Review Hiscox expands tailor-made solutions for professionals


June 7 2015    
Business Private terrorism insurance coverage costs fall sharply amid competition


June 5 2015    
AM Best  Hiscox's Findlay: Building the Brand Takes Trust


June 1 2015     
National Underwriter Property Casualty Raising the Digital Bar: Redefining the Consumer Experience   

University Business Hard costs of a data breach





May 29 2015     
Hot Stuff Picks Latest Worker Background Checks Information


May 27 2015     
Insurance Journal V3 Launches Community Association Package Program

Today's General Counsel The Embezzler Profiled: She’s A Long-Term Employee  

International Treasurer Part I: Developing a Cyber-Risk Framework


May 26 2015    
Risk & Insurance Spotlight on Employee Theft


May 25 2015     
National Law Review Small Businesses Hit Hardest By Employee Theft


May 22 2015    
Disaster Recovery Journal Small Businesses Hit Hardest By Employee Theft


May 21 2015    
Security Magazine Survey Says SMBs most likely to be Impacted by Embezzlement

Risk Management Monitor Small Businesses Hit Hardest By Employee Theft Catching Thieving Hands in the Corporate Cookie Jar 

Corporate Counsel Catching Thieving Hands in the Corporate Cookie Jar


May 20 2015     
Main St. Labor Department to Increasingly Scrutinize Employers in 2015

Carrier Management Hiscox Extends Crime Protection to Financial Institutions


May 19 2015     
Stitcher 6 Reasons to Review Your Business Insurance Crime... 

ARS Survey: Median Loss for Employee Theft is $280,000


May 18 2015    
Philadelphia Magazine No More Iniquity Inequity!


May 17 2015 Cyber criminals widen scope of industries to attack

Business Insurance Corporate cyber training efforts remain a work in progress


May 16 2015    


May 15 2105    
The Wall Street Journal (Survey Roundup) Survey Roundup: Compliance Overload

Human Resources What a typical office embezzler looks like


May 14 2015     
Advisen Employees steal most often from small businesses, Hiscox study finds Hiscox survey finds median employee theft loss of $280,000 for US organizations    

CBS Money Watch The typical office embezzler often isn't who you might suspect

Claim's Journal Super Losses’ On the Rise in U.S. Healthcare Sector: Hiscox


May 13 2015    
Carrier Management Hiscox Dishes the Details on Small-Company Employee Theft


May 12 2015    
The Wall Street Journal The Morning Risk Report: Wages of Fraud Lower for Women





April 23 2015     
Forbes Say Hello To The Online Art Rental Market; Can It Make A Dent In A €50bn Industry?


April 20 2015    
The New York Times Online Art Buying Rises in New Market Report


April 1 2015      
Insurance Journal New MGA Backed by CGSC Offers Miscellaneous E&O






March 30 2015    
Independent Agent Hiscox Expands Professional Liability Portfolio


March 20 2015     
The New York Times When the Fine Art Market Goes Online


March 11 2015    
Insurance Networking News Hiscox USA Selects Instec





February 18 2015     
Insurance Journal Treasury Troubled by Smaller Firms Not Buying Cyber Insurance


February 3 2015        
Main St. New Year Brings Increased Department of Labor Scrutiny on Wage-and-Hour Violations





January 30 2015     
GARP Risk News & Resources Sound Familiar? Cyber Deception Always Does


January 30 2015    
Intelligent Insurer The appetite increases


January 28 2015     
The Wall Street Journal Cyber Insurance Demand Said Rising in Europe


January 18 2015 "TRIA’s temporary lapse sparks interest in private coverage of terrorism risks"


January 8 2015 Hiscox USA’s Walter on Hiring Boomers and Millennials


January 4 2015 D&O liability and insurance market newcomers contributing to soft market "D&O liability insurance market remains competitive with ample capacity"

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