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2014 Outlook: The Good News Is, You'll Be Less Stressed
December 31, 2013

Planning to start (or continue running) your own business in 2014? Expect the process to be slightly less stressful than it was in 2013 or 2012. On the other hand, you should seriously consider bootstrapping.

What 2014 Will Bring to Your Business
December 19, 2013

Small businesses were in growth mode in 2013 and more of the same is expected in the New Year. But from a funding perspective, small business owners are going to have to be creative to get much needed money to invest in marketing, which is predicted to be a top outlay for 2014.

How Will Health Law Impact Small Businesses?
November 11, 2013

The small business community will be on the front lines of healthcare reform as it rolls out on October 1. Ben Walter, CEO of Hiscox USA, which specializes in insurance for professional services businesses for nearly 30,000 small businesses, joins MoneyBeat.

For Entrepreneurs, U.S. Comes Out on Top
September 30, 2013

Two new reports show that entrepreneurs in the United States have it pretty good – especially compared to other countries. In its "DNA of an Entrepreneur" study, small-business insurance provider Hiscox compared six countries: the U.S., U.K., Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain.

Do Men and Women Have Different Small Business Outlooks?
September 25, 2013

How are men and women entrepreneurs feeling about their businesses' prospects for the coming year? The 5th in a series of studies by Hiscox Small Business, the DNA of an Entrepreneur, found that while both men and women small business owners are optimistic about their futures, there are some important differences in how they run their businesses.

Who Works Harder? American And European Entrepreneurs By The Numbers
September 17, 2013

Forget the 4-Hour workweek. American entrepreneurs work, on average, six hours longer than their contracted counterparts each week and are busier than ever. But when we stack the stateside small business community against the European, it seems Americans aren't putting in anything close to the long hours of their overseas competitors.

Got Sunblock? How About Data-Security?
July 15, 2013

Summer vacation may mean rest and relaxation for the legions of workers that take off, but for small business owners it can mean serious security risks. Most workers today use their work computers for personal use, and vice versa -- and that doesn’t stop while on vacation.

Three Risks that Disrupt Architects’ Best-Laid Plans
June 26, 2013

Architects pride themselves on their ability to turn vision into reality on a daily basis. Whether developing a home, a business or a large scale commercial enterprise, there isn’t a project an architect works on that comes without risk. One mistake, miscommunication, or misinterpretation can cause costly delays, accidents or even injuries in some cases.

Don't Let Clients Drag You Down
May 1, 2013

Being sued for something you've done wrong is bad enough, but getting sued when you have performed your work diligently and correctly can be devastating. Yet that's what oftentimes happens when accountants fail to communicate with their clients exactly what to expect.

3 Things You Should Know About Small Business
February 1, 2013

The difficult decision of laying off workers could make small-business owners more susceptible to employment-related legal claims, according to the Hiscox blog. With the overall depressed jobs picture - despite Friday's BLS data that said 157,000 jobs were added in January - it's not surprising that employees are filing wrongful-termination suits in hopes of getting additional money.

Small business-themed Web series helps drive extra sales
January 2013

In summer 2011, Hiscox and its long-time agency Prosek Partners (formerly CJP Communications), launched an original Web series called Leap Year as part of a larger marketing campaign to drive awareness of the company's new small business insurance products.

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