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Small business owners coping with greater stress
December 17, 2012

Wedding planner Christyn Wilkins, owner of We Tie the Knots, said her stress has risen as business has dropped off. "The stress is that the success of the company is 100 percent dependent on me," she said.

Survey: small and early-stage startups share positive outlook, but face significant challenges in the year ahead
November 30, 2012

Startups and other small businesses are often touted as the backbone of the economy and a key indicator of growth and overall economic health. With market fluctuations, the threat of bond defaults by various European countries and global economic fallout compromising the economic backdrop in 2012, small businesses have an even heavier weight to carry heading into the new year.

Entrepreneurs Are Weathering the Economic Storm [#Infographic]
November 2, 2012

While the U.S. economy in recent years has fallen on very hard times, many economists see reason for tempered optimism in the coming year. According to the recent Hiscox eDNA small business survey, small business owners are feeling pretty good about the coming year but still feel trepidation regarding revenue growth, small business taxes and funding.

Small Business and City Hall
October 19, 2012

According to findings by Hiscox Small Business Insurance, only 22 percent of small businesses in countries around the world had asked for outside help from business groups or elected representatives. Eleven percent said they’d approached a business or small business organization, while only 9 percent a local politician or mayor.

Entrepreneurs Losing Sleep But Not Hope [INFOGRAPHIC]
October 10, 2012

Hiscox released it’s 4th annual DNA of an Entrepreneurs study and found that overall entrepreneurs were optimistic despite the stress that they were experiencing. The infographic is a snapshot of the entrepreneur study.

Navigating the risks of New York City real estate market
September 12, 2012

The real estate market in much of the country has seen a rollercoaster of ups and downs following the collapse of the housing bubble, due in part to unstable housing prices and financing issues. New York City, however, is a unique market that has been largely immune to the real estate and financial crises, maintaining high rental prices and increasing purchase demands.

Branded Entertainment Model – Leap Year S2
August 28, 2012

If you are a Hulu fan then you probably already watched Season 2 of Leap Year. A scripted show following the founders of startup called C3D set to revolutionize video conferencing with hologram technology. Although the entrepreneurs in Leap Year are fictional the real-life entrepreneurs behind the show are definitely visionary.

Leap Year: Entertainment Guaranteed
August 22, 2012

With so many brands out in the world wide bandwidth rushing to become the next viral video phenomenon, it’s refreshing to see a branded web series that dedicates itself more towards the ‘entertainment’ part of the formula, as seen with the Hiscox business underwriter backed clip series bow ‘Leap Year’ on YouTube.

B2B insurance provider leaps into Web 'dramedy'
August 1, 2012

In a subtle twist on brand storytelling, small business insurance provider Hiscox released the second season of its original Web series, Leap Year, in June. Produced by CJP Digital Media and Happy Little Guillotine Films, the show's goal is to build brand awareness and affinity. Beneath each episode on the show's microsite appears a bit of “Small Business Commentary from Hiscox” that relates the plot to practical advice, followed by a link to the brand's blog for more information.

A Small Insurer's Big Leap Into Branded Entertainment
July 23, 2012

Who said the little guys lack imagination and moxie? Hiscox insurance services target small businesses — direct, online, and in real-time. But how to get that message out and stand out from the crowd? Scripted web video programming — with a sense of humor, and some heavy-hitting talent.

Dave Tisch, Alexis Ohanian and Other NYC Tech Favs Cameo in Hulu Dramedy Leap Year
July 16, 2012

When the Techstars reality show on Bloomberg TV gets too intense (What will happen to To Vie For!?!), award-winning producer Wilson Cleveland has a solution for you. His web series Leap Year, presented by Hiscox Insurance, chronicles the personal and professional lives of several employees at a startup called C3D, which is “like Skype with holograms.”

Web Series Leaps Into Second Season: Hiscox sponsored startup show Leap Year debuts on Hulu today
June 18, 2012

The phrase “branded entertainment Web series” typically brings several thoughts to mind. Such as: “awful” or “no one watches them” or “a 20-minute webisode about salad dressing—really?” So what are the chances that a branded entertainment show produced in conjunction with a small business insurance company would work, let alone make it to Web series nirvana, i.e. a second season?

Guess what? Branded online entertainment does not have to suck
May 9, 2012

Yes we are an insurance company. Yes we created an awesome TV show about silicon valley. Beginning in 2010, Hiscox Insurance has used custom branded entertainment to extend their direct advertising and create a true conversation with Leap Year, a web series about the ups and downs of a tech start-up.

‘Leap Year’ Season 2 Trailer Drops at Mashable Connect
May 4, 2012

Today the trailer for the startup-focused dramedy Leap Year debuted at the Mashable Connect conference in Orlando, Florida. Mashable SVP Content & Executive Editor Adam Ostrow sat down with Leap Year creator Wilson Cleveland, Founder of CJP Digital and Hunter Hoffman, Head of US Communications at Hiscox (Leap Year‘s underwriter, so to speak), to discuss what lies ahead for our friends at C3D.

Small Business Owners More Stressed Than Ever: 3 Tech Tips That Can Help
April 20, 2012

Twenty years ago, experts were predicting technology would make our lives easier. So why are we all so stressed? A new survey shows small businesses owners are stressed, while at the same time eager to take on new challenges. If this seems like a contradiction, it only further highlights small business owners’ insistence on pushing themselves, always looking for that extra hour in the day that doesn’t exist.

Increased Stress Won’t Stop Small Business Owners
April 6, 2012

To say that small business owners, viewed as the backbone of the U.S. economy, have been heavily affected by the stress and strains that such a title demands, would be an understatement. According to a new survey from U.S. insurer Hiscox, small business owners are eager to take on new challenges despite reports of increased physical and mental stress.

Leap Year, Branded Entertainment that Works
February 29, 2012

Leap Year is a branded entertainment web series with a sizable budget funded by Hiscox, a London Stock Exchange-listed insurance provider that specializes in niche areas of the insurance market (including art collections and kidnapping/ransoms) that last year extended its offerings to provide small business insurance to companies in the US.

Entrepreneurs Are Taking Advantage Of Social Media
February 9, 2012

According to research by specialist business insurer Hiscox, entrepreneurs that have incorporated social media into their business models claim they use it to not only to increase brand awareness (27%) and boost sales (15%) but to also improve their customer service (11%).

Bloomberg BusinessWeek—Smart Answers: Overcome Four Obstacles to Growth in 2012
January 3, 2012

Insurance firm Hiscox released its year-end “DNA of an Entrepreneur” survey of 3,000 respondents, showing that despite increased stress, almost half of U.S. entrepreneurs are optimistic about 2012; fewer than half expected layoffs.

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