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Why choose Small Business Insurance from Hiscox?


Hiscox offers a new way to buy business insurance for small businesses in New York (and all other states except Alaska) starting at $22.50 per month either online or over the phone from a licensed agent in minutes. We specialize in general liability insurance, professional liability insurance (known as errors and omissions insurance) and business owners policy. We cover a range of professions such as IT consultants, real estate agents, health and beauty professionals and many others. Buy small business insurance tailored to your professional starting with a fast, free quote.


General liability insurance referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) covers your business from another business or person’s claims of damage to property, bodily injury, and associated medical costs. An example of what could be covered is below:


  • Damage to property: A realtor is holding an open house at a high-end apartment, and an expensive lamp is broken. The apartment’s owner makes a claim against the realtor for the cost to replace the lamp. A general liability insurance policy could cover the claim for property damage up to the policy limits.


Professional liability insurance commonly known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance) covers another person’s claims against businesses that offer professional and personal services. An example of what could be covered is below:


  • Negligence: A human resources consultant was asked to make recommendations to a company in which morale was low. Several of the consultant’s suggestions were implemented, but morale continued to decline and several key managers left the company, resulting in a decline in revenue. The client sued the consultant, claiming negligence. Professional liability insurance protects human resources consultants against claims of negligence and will appoint an attorney to defend them, if needed, even if they haven’t made a mistake.


Business Owners Policy (BOP) a combination of general liability and business property insurance. BOP includes balanced coverage for small businesses interested in protecting their own business equipment. An example of what could be covered is below:


  • Office insurance for business interruption: An architect’s high-end computer is damaged by a power surge to their building. A business owner’s policy could cover the cost to replace the computer, up to policy limits and keep the business up and running.




Workers Compensation Insurance

Now Available!


Hiscox now offers state mandated workers compensation insurance to ensure that injured workers receive prompt and fair compensation for work-related injuries and diseases. In most states, laws require you to pay for an injured worker’s medical care, lost wages, and death benefits. A Hiscox Workers Compensation Insurance policy must be purchased with another Hiscox business insurance policy. To get a free quote, call us at 855-743-2308 and speak to a licensed agent, Monday-Friday 8am-10pm ET.


Learn more about workers compensation insurance.



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Hiscox is the first to offer small business insurance coverage specifically for professional services businesses, with 10 employees or less, direct and online in real-time. Get customized coverage at competitive rates when you buy Hiscox insurance.


Our significant experience has made us America’s #1 small business insurer and has given our regional operation an in-depth knowledge of the local market place, supporting our core strategy to make decision-makers both expert and accessible and distinguish ourselves from competitors through local understanding and superior service.


About our New York Office

The Northeast Region has offices in White Plains and Midtown Manhattan. Our New York City offices also serve as Hiscox USA’s headquarters, housing our executive team and corporate functions including marketing, direct, human resources, finance, compliance, and state filings. The underwriting team in New York include underwriters representing all Hiscox lines of business insurance, and many of our product heads and practice leaders. We are proud to offer business insurance in New York and the surrounding Northeast Region.


New York state is rich in tradition and history and it is no wonder that settlers chose this region to create the rich culture of influence that resides here. From the towering mountains of the Adirondacks to the treasured city that bears its’ name, it is truly a wealth of magnificent beauty and diversity. The influx of immigrants over the past two hundred years has broadened the ethnicity and given dimension to who and what are represented here.


Hiscox New York Office
520 Madison Avenue
32nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

Tel: 646-561-9184
Fax: 212 922 9652


Hiscox Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8/5 for customer satisfaction on feefo – 8,531 reviews

Headquarters/Northeast Region


Nicole, Brooklyn, NY
“Great Service”
She was informative, knowledgeable, professional


Jose, New York City, NY
Services and quick response


Ashley, Astoria, NY
“Easy to set up, Easy to add my waiver of subrogation.”


Alvaro, New York City, NY
“Excellent service by Hiscox”
Fast and easy


Daniel, New York City, NY
“Quick and Easy, No Hassle Business Insurance for SMB”
Quick and easy account set up and courteous customer service for SMB independent designers and companies.


Robbin, New York City, NY
“Spoke to a real person”
I spoke with a representative who asked me questions about my business, and became genuinely interested in what I do as a teacher. I felt a personal connection, and that is extremely valuable to me.



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