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Chesapeake Small Business Insurance

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Why choose commercial insurance from Hiscox?

Business owners in Virginia (and all other states except Alaska) can buy Hiscox business insurance online or over the phone from a licensed agent in minutes, starting at just $22.50 per month. Hiscox specializes in two types of liability insurance most small businesses in Virginia need: general liability insurance and professional liability insurance (more commonly known as errors and omissions insurance).

General Liability Insurance
(sometimes called Commercial General Liability or CGL) protects your business from lawsuits or claims by a third party for property damage or bodily injury, including associated medical costs.   Here’s an example of what could be covered:

  • Bodily Injury: While in your office, a prospective client trips and falls over your laptop bag, requiring a trip to the emergency room. We could pay for the client’s medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault, up to the limits of your general liability policy.

Professional liability insurance (sometimes called errors and omissions or E&O coverage) protects you from a claim or lawsuit arising from something you did wrong (an error) or something you didn’t do but should have (an omission). You could be protected even if you haven’t made a mistake. Here’s an example:

  • Negligence: A professional photographer is hired to take the photographs for a wedding. The bride requests that several photographs be taken of her aging grandparents with various members of the family. The photographer forgets to take these particular photos and the omission is not discovered until the bride is reviewing the proofs a month later. The family sues the photographer, and their professional liability policy could cover them, including the cost to defend themselves, up to the limits of the policy.



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Hiscox is the first to offer small business insurance coverage specifically for professional services businesses, with 10 employees or less, direct and online in real-time. Get customized coverage at competitive rates when you buy Hiscox insurance.

Hiscox is America’s number one online small business insurer. Our regional operations have in-depth knowledge of the local marketplace, and our decision-makers are both expert and accessible. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with local understanding and superior service.


About our Chesapeake, Virginia Office

Chesapeake, Virginia is a city that is rich in history, yet vibrant and modern.  The Battle of the Great Bridge was fought in Chesapeake in 1775, resulting in the removal of all vestiges of the British Government from the Colony of Virginia. This marked one of the early victories for the Colonists in the American Revolution.  We are proud of offer business insurance in Virginia and the surrounding region.

Chesapeake is appealing to historians and outdoorsmen alike. Located on the beautiful Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake includes a large portion of the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. The second-largest city by area in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesapeake boasts large areas of protected forests, farmland, and wetlands.


Hiscox Chesapeake Office
1313 Executive Boulevard
Chesapeake, VA 23320


Hiscox Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8/5 for customer satisfaction on feefo – 8,531 reviews

Jocelyn, Virginia
"Agents very helpful. Thus far I am very happy with the service from Hiscox. The agents who have helped me have been very courteous and knowledgeable. I have just purchased a policy and have no idea how they would be with an actual claim, but at this point I am happy with the company and hope they are as good to work with as they are in the initial stages. "

Jay, Virginia
“Great Service. Everyone I spoke to were very helpful.. knowledgeable and patient.”


Bruce, Virginia
"So far so good" 
Easy to deal with, great prices and they don't hound you with sales calls



Ralph, Virginia
Short phone call, quick action, great service.



Bob, Virginia
"Thanks for the excellent service.... A company required me to obtain liability insurance on very short notice.  Hiscox provided the insurance within a day (at a price I could afford).  Hats off to agent Kiyoshi White. "



Caroline, Virginia
“Customer service at last!”
Very helpful rep. She was patient answering all my questions and giving clear explanations.



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