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Using Word of Mouth to Grow Your Small Business

November 5, 2012

When you’re a small business, everyone is a potential advocate. Learn how to use word of mouth to grow your business.

Every business knows they should do it, and know that it works. After all most people have bought something based on a friend’s recommendation themselves. But stimulating word of mouth is harder to plan than other marketing activities. Here are some simple, cheap and time effective ways to help drive word of mouth.

• People love to recommend great companies, so help your friends and family help you. Give them business cards or fliers they can give to people who might be interested.

• Don’t forget everyone is a potential advocate. Don’t be afraid to let everyone you know know what you do. This way, the next time a friend of a friend needs a photographer, web designer or acupuncturist, they’ll tell them about you

• Establish a network of businesses you can partner with who have customers you want to target. For example, if you’re a photographer, why not approach a couple of wedding venues and leave some cards with the wedding planner. If you’re a website developer, why not ask local accountants or lawyers to send any new start ups they see your way. Or if you’re an interior designer, why not leave some cards with local interiors stores and reciprocate by using their products. Partnerships like this are a great, free way to get others to recommend your business

• Sometimes all it takes for a customer to refer you to others is simply to ask them. A brief email to satisfied customers asking them to leave a review on your website, Facebook page or Yelp could do the trick.

• Get in touch with local bloggers who talk about topics relevant to your business. Send them some content about what you do and a link to your site, or offer them a free trial of your service for them to review. You may even find they appreciate you contacting them as it gives them more to write about!

We wouldn’t be believable if we didn’t take our own advice. If you have colleagues, partners, vendors or even friends or family that own their own business and are in need of a quick and easy way to buy small business insurance online, thank you for helping spread the word about Hiscox using the link below.

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