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Top Trends Affecting Small Business Today

June 19, 2013

Small business expert Gene Marks shares some on the top trends affecting small businesses. Find out what you can do to be prepared.

Hiscox Small Business Insurance sponsored this year’s RISE Austin conference. RISE, the annual Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs, brings small business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the country together in the heart of Texas. Attendees are exposed to resources, seminars and  tips on how to grow their businesses.

Gene Marks, small business expert and owner of the Marks Group PC, led two sessions, one focused on the top trends affecting small business owners. Gene is also the featured author for the Hiscox Authors Series for Entrepreneurs.

According to Gene, small business owners should watch more C-SPAN. Legislation is currently being introduced or debated in Washington that could result in the following changes for small business owners:

  • Higher taxes.
  • Reduced government spending.
  • Higher inflation and interest rates.
  • Weaker  dollar.

Gene stressed that small business owners who are prepared can avoid surprises resulting from current or proposed legislation that will impact their business. Preparation is key. Think ahead two to four years from now. Small businesses who are succeeding and doing well prepare years ahead for where they want to be.

View Gene’s full presentation on Top Trends Affecting Small Business Today.

Earlier this year, Gene also stopped by the Hiscox office and shared some tips on small business trends. See what he had to say in the video below.