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The Hiscox Reactor Resource Page for Creatives

January 21, 2014

Visit our resource page for tips to help your creative small business grow.

Professionals in the creative industry are generally savvy and stylin’, guiding cultural aesthetics with their work and operating in that interesting area between business and art. Even your collective name – Creatives – is cool, a new word that conveys much meaning.

Creatives are known for being right-brained, creating and designing and capturing moods and moments. But as the owner of a small business in the creative field you often have to call upon your left brain as well to handle the ins and outs of running your business. Is small business insurance on your left brain’s radar?

Whether it is or not, check out the Hiscox Reactor Resource Page for Creatives. It’s full of interesting information for small business owners in creative fields like design and photography. The resources, which are tailored for creative professions, are plentiful and include:

  • The Hiscox Small Business Blog, which has useful info on small business operation, growth, protection and a dozens of other topics, as well as industry-specific topics like becoming a dot-com founder and protecting your photography business from risk.
  • Influencers to Follow introduces you to inspiring articles and thought leaders within your vertical and across industries so you can use their insights and advice to grow your knowledge base.

At the Hiscox Reactor Resource Page for Creatives you can connect with Hiscox on social media, contact us for details on small business insurance for your creative business and get a free quote – quick and simple. Put your left brain in the driver’s seat and stop by.