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3 Unique Ways Small Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day and is an opportunity for every business, no matter how big or small, to make some changes that will help reduce energy consumption and keep our world clean.

4 Secrets for Finding The Right Small Business Accountant

You started your small business because you have a passion for your product or service, not so you could spend hours poring over accounting records to do your taxes. Many business owners say the best advice they’ve ever received was to hire an accountant to take care of the financial forecasting, recordkeeping and taxes. As part of our on-going series on financial literacy, here are some things you should look for in a small business accountant.

6 Non-Financial Ways to Reward Employees for Great Work

A raise or bonus is a great way to recognize good work, but it can be a challenge to reward employees when money is tight. As part of financial literacy month, here are six ways to reward employees when you can’t—or shouldn’t—give raises.

Top 3 Insurance Tips for Cosmetology Entrepreneurs

It may not be the most glamorous aspect of the business, but ensuring that you have specialized cosmetology insurance coverage for your specific needs as a healthy and beauty entrepreneur is critical to your success. here are our top 3 tips for getting the right insurance coverage.

3 Tips to Help Small Business Owners Calculate Payroll Taxes

Its time to bring out that tax calculator. It may not be fun, but calculating taxes and withholding for employees is a critical task for all small business owners. Both withholdings and taxes are dependent upon several factors  including (but not limited to) marital status, and allowances. For employers, underpaid tax liabilities can equate to […]