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3 Tips for Better Small Business Holiday Parties

Here’s a quick list of holiday party considerations. Make sure you’ve got everything here covered and your holiday party will be fun for everyone – even you!

Austin Small Business Owners are Socially Connected and Well Financed

We surveyed Austin small business owners to get their sentiments about the city’s business community. During a visit to Texas for the annual RISE (Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs) Austin conference, we surveyed almost 150 small business owners and entrepreneurs to find out their sentiments about the Austin business community. The results confirmed that […]

Embrace your value

Women entrepreneurs are not new. But the one thing women business owners still struggle with is being comfortable in setting their prices and worth. Women entrepreneurs are not new. In fact, women are entering entrepreneurship at break neck speed with technology leveling the playing field and shaking up the way we conduct and run business. […]

Did a Long Commute Lead You to Pursue Small Business Ownership?

Was your daily commute a major factor in becoming a small business owner or consultant? For some business owners, it was. Several weeks ago, Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, caused an uproar by banning telecommuting and ordering all participating employees to return to the office immediately. With the rise of technology making remote work more efficient […]

Show Your Local Community You Care

Does your small business give back to the local community? To get customers vested in your business, consider becoming invested in their neighborhood. Not all small businesses are brick and mortar stores, but many are. And if you’re one of those businesses, you’re in a ripe position to give back to the community your business calls […]

The Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur? Are entrepreneurs born or made? The truth is that entrepreneurship is something you can only learn to be good at. Are entrepreneurs born or made? It’s a business variation on the old nature/nurture theme, but still a valid question. You’d be mistaken to think that some of the most successful start-up founders were […]

When a Small Business Owner Gets Sued by a Former Employee

Many small business owners have struggled in the past couple of years and have had to make the painful decision to layoff employees. An unfortunate side effect has been an increase in the number of employment-related legal claims. It’s no surprise that a depressed jobs picture is prompting more people to file employment claims with […]

Making New Year Resolutions for Your Small Business

A new year brings a new set of goals for small business owners, but what types of business goals should you make? Should your goals be open ended? It’s early January: the refrigerator is finally free of the last of the Holiday leftovers and the decorations are safely boxed up, so it must be that […]

Achieve a consensus on your small business strategy

Set a clear strategy for your small business and empower your team to deliver on it. Business theorists are keen to look at the social habits of different animal species in an attempt to find lessons for how to run a company. Ants have been cited as good examples for business management. They cooperate easily […]

Hiscox eDNA 2012 Small Businesses and US Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Hiscox eDNA small business survey shows that US small business owners are optimistic about 2013. Despite continuing economic clouds, things are looking up for US small business owners as we head into 2013. Ever the eternal optimists, 55% of the small business owners in the Hiscox EDNA 2012 survey (link) are optimistic about their […]


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