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A quick video guide to small business insurance

Without small business insurance you run the risk of expensive legal costs. Learn why it’s important to make sure you’re properly insured. Being an entrepreneur in today’s business world means you have to be really good at juggling – not bowling pins or knives, but all the facets of small business ownership that compete for […]

Can errors and omissions insurance policies help you?

Your small business may benefit from having errors and omissions insurance. Read on to find out how. You’ve likely heard the phrase errors and omissions insurance or maybe just the term E&O insurance.  But do you know what it really is?  Is it different from professional or general liability insurance?  What does it cover?  And […]

Make sure you properly insure your health and fitness business in 2014

Many, maybe most, New Year’s Resolutions focus on health and fitness. Small business owners in this field should also resolve to make sure they’re properly insured. If you’re a sports and/or beauty small business owner, you know that the start of a new year often means a surge in business.  New Year’s resolutions are still […]

4 things small businesses can learn from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The drive and determination being shown by the competitors at the Sochi games, can teach small business owners a lot about running their own companies. If you’re anything like the 24 million-strong audience for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, you’re marveling at the feats of greatness as athletes from around the world push […]

3 ways to make 2014 the year you want it to be

You’ve made it through the first month of 2014. Now’s a good time to evaluate if your small business is on track. January 2014 may have been fortuitous, exasperating and/or cold depending on the decisions you’ve made, luck you’ve enjoyed and where you live.  But one thing about January 2014 is certain: It’s over!  This […]

If you’re in IT, consider E&O business liability insurance

Learn how IT professionals can get protection against lopsided expectations and lawsuits with business liability insurance like E&O. Business Liability Insurance for IT Professionals Protects Against Errors and Omissions Imagine if your Information Technology firm designed the data security system at a mega retailer that was hit with a costly data breach. It wouldn’t take […]

New Year, Same Risk. Are You Protected?

Start the New Year off right by ensuring you have the proper coverage. How is 2014 going for your small business so far?  We hope it’s going extremely well – but we know that things can always go awry, often when you least expect it.  You don’t really want to go through all of 2014 […]

How to keep your business and employees safe and protected in a disaster

Be prepared for the next storm. Have a plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be very detailed, but it should cover what is crucial to keeping your small business running. If you have to evacuate your office, or employees aren’t able to make it in, make sure your staff can log on to the office […]

Accounting for a suit first client

When an unhappy client finds a potential scapegoat in a CPA’s work, the accountant may end up writing the checks even when there is no error or omission. Accounting as a profession is the safe bet, but not always. Which one of the following scenarios caused a suit to be filed against an accountant? A […]

With business insurance, be one of the 40%

If only 40% of home-based businesses are adequately insured, that means 60% are not. Use these tips to make sure you have the right coverage – or beef it up if you don’t. Sixty percent of home-based businesses don’t have the right kind of business insurance or adequate coverage – or they don’t have small […]


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