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Going from small to big: Is your small business ready to grow?

For many entrepreneurs, growing their small business is a goal. For others, keeping their business small, and their schedule flexible, is preferable. So how do you know if your entrepreneurial venture is growth-ready?

How can your small business benefit from trade shows?

Small business owners might not immediately think of trade shows as a tool to grow their business, but they have an impact. This week, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off in Las Vegas. The annual trade show is billed as the world’s largest gathering place for anyone with an interest in the business of […]

Small Business Growth: A Blessing and a Bane

Business growth means increasing challenges. Use these four tips to be ready to ride the wave of growth when it comes your way. Small businesses help drive our national economy, comprising 99.7% of U.S. employer firms. And many of them are optimistic about the U.S. economy, according to a recent survey we conducted. But unfortunately, […]

Small Businesses Face Uncertainty in 2013

Small businesses face an uncertain year ahead. Apart from continued economic headwinds, the picture on taxes, healthcare and the availability of credit is far from clear, while a new risk is now looming large. Small businesses face an unsure year ahead. Apart from continued economic headwinds, the picture on taxes, healthcare and the availability of […]

Increased Sleep Leads to Increased Productivity in the Workplace

Putting in extra hours of work might sound like a good idea, but are you really being productive in overtime? Do you crave a latte and a second donut by 9.30am? Do you ‘zone out” during conference calls or get frustrated because you can’t kick your brain into gear when you need to make a […]

Small Business Owners Losing Sleep but Not Losing Hope in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 4th annual Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur survey is out and entrepreneurs, true to form, are largely optimistic about the future. According to the Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur study, 49% of small business owners and leaders across the US, the UK and Europe are positive about the year ahead for their business. 55% […]

Are Small Business Owners Taking On Too Much? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The “can-do” attitude that makes small business owners successful, could also be their Achilles’ heel, according to a Hiscox survey. Our research found that despite 64% saying that legal issues should be handled by professionals, only 26% of small businesses actually employ full or part-time legal and/or accounting help. Passion drives entrepreneurs, pressure is part […]

The importance of the customer experience

This holiday season we saw the continued relentless march of the internet eating into brick and mortar sales. According to comScore, US consumers spent $30.9 billion online this holiday season a 15% uplift on last year. One of the key developments for me is watching the multi-channel firms trying to play catch up with the […]

Are you flying at 30,000 feet or working at the ground level?

Advice for transitioning from an entrepreneurial small business to a managed small business. Many small businesses start with a dollar and a dream, supported by lots of hard work and inventiveness.  But, how do owners transition from the all hands on deck, let’s do whatever we need to make this work mode to something that […]


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