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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs: Continuous Improvement

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve their businesses. But the truly successful entrepreneurs—those who rise above the rest—are far more conscious about it. Rather than waiting for inspiration to strike, they make the effort to consider ways in which they can continuously improve every aspect of their business, no matter how small.

5 Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Keep Printing Costs Down

You currently run a small business and are looking for ways to cut corners. You want to focus on spending less and earning more because that is how you will grow your business in the future. Obviously, one way to cut down costs is to make sure you have business insurance that is tailored only to your company’s needs. After that, if you have noticed that the amount of money you spend on printing each month is ridiculously high and continues to become more expensive, you will want to take the right steps to reduce the cost and save a lot of money.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs: Commitment

Successful entrepreneurs are more than just involved, they are committed. Here are some signs of committed entrepreneurs.

“My biggest risk was leaving a comfortable job to do something that hadn’t been done before.” – Tamiko Kelly, Sleep Well. Wake Happy.

“I think entrepreneurs are born with a special spark that enables them to see things that other people cannot see.”

What’s Your Small Business GPS?

Today, business plans are more like “GPS” plans. Written correctly, a business plan should act as a living, breathing document that helps the business owner and his/her team navigate uncharted waters.