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Are Small Business Owners Taking On Too Much? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The “can-do” attitude that makes small business owners successful, could also be their Achilles’ heel, according to a Hiscox survey. Our research found that despite 64% saying that legal issues should be handled by professionals, only 26% of small businesses actually employ full or part-time legal and/or accounting help. Passion drives entrepreneurs, pressure is part […]

Hiscox UK ‘There is a Light’ New TV Ad 2012

Hiscox is a global insurer, and while our marketing might differ to satisfy cultural differences, our core brand values remain consistent across the globe. The latest TV ad from Hiscox UK is an excellent representation of Hiscox values. It’s a simple yet powerful message about the importance of “honesty and fairness” told through a story […]

Leap Year Season Two Trailer

Small business series Leap Year returns for it’s second season, 10 episodes airing every Monday starting June 18. It’s finally here, the trailer for the 2nd season of Leap Year. We’re excited to share this with you and hope you’ll join us for the 10 episode new season airing on Mondays starting June 18. This season follows the […]