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3 Things Small Businesses Need to Know about Black Monday

Today, the financial world is reeling at the global market downturn that has come to be known as Black Monday. While it’s still unclear whether this is just a temporary stock slide or the beginning of something more portentous, it’s undeniable that many people are alarmed. #BlackMonday is a top trending topic on Twitter, and […]

The Tao of Bethany: Failure is Inevitable and Perfection is a Myth

What’s the cost of not taking a risk? It’s a simple question that propelled Bethany Lyons to leave her comfortable job and found Lyons Den Power Yoga. In episode 3 of our small business docuseries, Courageous Leaders, Bethany shares how embracing failure and learning the value of taking action have contributed to her success as […]

10 Small Business Lessons We Learned During Our First Urban Mudder

At Hiscox, courage is in our DNA. It’s one of the reasons why we recently announced a partnership with another company that knows a thing or two about courage – Tough Mudder. Last weekend nearly 100 Hiscox associates, descended upon Randall’s Island in New York for the first ever Urban Mudder! Billed as the city cousin event of Tough Mudder, Urban Mudder is a 5 mile obstacle course in which participants climb walls, dodge lasers, and generally get knocked around all in the name of teamwork.

13 Steps to Create a Budget for Your Business

Are you preparing to launch a new business? Whether you’re just about to start an entirely new business or want to expand your existing company, budgeting is one of the most important steps for any entrepreneur.

New Home Run Derby Knocks it Out of the Park

(MLB) completely revitalized one of their signature properties, the annual Home Run Derby, and it paid off with a more exciting contest. But change is never easy, and there were plenty of people who criticized the new format before last night. Congratulations to the MLB for having the courage to make major changes to a high profile event that left them open to plenty of criticism if things didn’t go right.