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The Hiscox Reactor Resource Page for small business entrepreneurs

Visit our Resource Page for content to help your small business grow. Way back in 1983 New Wave band The Fixx summed it up perfectly: One thing leads to another. Today that rule still stands, in both life and business. Reflecting on these choices is a great way to review how you’ve arrived at where […]

Hiscox Small Business Corner: Cardinal Learning Center

Read how the owner of the Cardinal Learning Center turned her passion for helping those with developmental disabilities into a business. The Hiscox Small Business Corner serves as an outlet to highlight companies and the business owners who lead them. So far, we’ve featured technology companies, media companies and more. Today’s feature is the Cardinal […]

Hiscox Small Business Corner: Wunderbar Media, LLC.

Entrepreneur Hannes Luth defied the odds and begin launching his business while going through the U.S. visa process. At Hiscox, we enjoy giving small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their businesses. Our MyStartupStory series did just that. Our latest series, the Hiscox Small Business Corner, highlights business owners and the companies they […]

Are your student loans keeping you from starting a business?

Student loan debt and entrepreneurism aren’t mutually exclusive.  Here are tips for managing debt while launching a small business. Never mind that student loan debt may be a drag on the economy at large.  For you it’s personal.  You earned one, maybe two degrees, spent a few years honing your skills as an employee and […]

Malachi Leopold shares his story of becoming an entrepreneur

From launching his business at nights and on the weekends, to getting laid off from a full-time job, Malachi Leopold shares how he became an entrepreneur. It’s always nice to share the story of a company’s successful launch. That moment when you turn your idea into a business, is a big one. But there’s a […]

Check out the ‘Starting a business as a young entrepreneur’ interview series on

Hiscox is excited to work with the leading online resource for entrepreneurs, highlighting 10 inspirational small business owners. Several months ago we shared news of the Hiscox partnership with, a leading online resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of business leaders with news, tips and […]

10 Books for Entrepreneurial Summer Reading

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a new small business owner, it’s always helpful to get insight from others. Ahh, summer.  A time for kicking back, relaxing, and taking vacations.  If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner it’s likely that you’re never truly on vacation; even when you’re out of town you’re strategizing, learning […]

3 Foolish Mistakes Startups Make

Starting a business is a serious thing don’t jeopardize your success by making these foolish mistakes. Hate your job?  Ready to start your own business?  Want to be one of those entrepreneurs you read about or see on TV who seem to have it all together and are raking in the bucks?  Starting a business […]

MyStartupStory: Gene Marks, Owner of the Marks Group PC

Think launching a business is easy? Small business owner, Gene Marks, shared what he learned when he made the leap into entrepreneurship. Hiscox’s My Startup Story, featuring top entrepreneurs offering small business advice and discussing their own start-up experiences, kicks off the first instalment of 2013 with Gene Marks as he shares how and why […]

Show Your Local Community You Care

Does your small business give back to the local community? To get customers vested in your business, consider becoming invested in their neighborhood. Not all small businesses are brick and mortar stores, but many are. And if you’re one of those businesses, you’re in a ripe position to give back to the community your business calls […]


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