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3 ways to combat the winter blues in your business

Whether you call them the winter blues, cold weather blahs, or winter doldrums, the shorter days and colder temperatures of winter are likely having a negative effect on your mood and productivity – and that can impact your business. Here are three ideas to help you combat the negative effects of winter.

The Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur? Are entrepreneurs born or made? The truth is that entrepreneurship is something you can only learn to be good at. Are entrepreneurs born or made? It’s a business variation on the old nature/nurture theme, but still a valid question. You’d be mistaken to think that some of the most successful start-up founders were […]

Protect Your Technology Firm from Litigious Clients with IT Insurance

Technology insurance can help protect your small business when things go wrong and technology fails. Companies today rely on their technology. Thanks to it, successful worldwide companies can be run with just a handful of employees, while small firms can market their wares far beyond their local Main Street. But if the technology a business […]

When a Small Business Owner Gets Sued by a Former Employee

Many small business owners have struggled in the past couple of years and have had to make the painful decision to layoff employees. An unfortunate side effect has been an increase in the number of employment-related legal claims. It’s no surprise that a depressed jobs picture is prompting more people to file employment claims with […]

When You’re a Small Business Owner the Buck Stops With You

As a small business owner you’re responsible for more than just your own actions, you can also be held responsible for the actions of your employees. Everyone understands the concept of direct liability. If you make a mistake then you can be held legally responsible for the consequences of that error. That’s clear enough. But […]

What Can Your Small Business Learn from Lance Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong’s doping case isn’t a black and white issue, but the beat them or join them mentality comes down to one thing – integrity. In a recent article by Inc Magazine, the writer discusses Lance Armstrong’s doping case as not black and white, similar to scandals in business, and how exposing dopers in the cycling culture should […]

Making New Year Resolutions for Your Small Business

A new year brings a new set of goals for small business owners, but what types of business goals should you make? Should your goals be open ended? It’s early January: the refrigerator is finally free of the last of the Holiday leftovers and the decorations are safely boxed up, so it must be that […]

New Year’s Resolutions, Are They Worth It?

Now that we’re in the infancy stage of 2013, the daunting task of defining New Year’s Resolutions is done, and it’s time to start doing. Despite mixed opinions of the worth of resolutions, they are very rewarding if set up properly for success. Often times resolutions are goals that are easier said, than done. It’s […]

Every Entrepreneur Has Their Hero

Every entrepreneur has their hero, the person who helps to inspire them and whose words of wisdom they turn to during the dark days. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and we look to different people to help guide us in different stages and aspects of our lives. Some people might look to Einstein […]

Is your small business run by ants or a gorilla?

A new generation of “bossless” companies are challenging the traditional corporate structure. Typically, the corporate world relies on a strict pecking order that runs from the CEO down through a team of middle managers to the workers. Bossless firms have few or no managers, with teams of workers instead deciding whether to hire and fire colleagues […]


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