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Start-up funding advice from Joe Caruso

December 6, 2013

Joe Caruso discusses the importance of mentorship when launching a business.

We received valuable insight from leading venture capitalists and angel investors when we co-sponsored What We’re Looking For with Slate.com last month at the MassChallenge offices in Boston.

The event panelists, Andrew Parker of Spark Capital, Joe Caruso of the Bantam Group and Johannes Fruehauf of BioInnovation, and the newly launched Lab Central for life sciences companies, all shared insight on securing funding when launching a business.

Andrew Parker of Spark Capital discussed his start-up funding tips and highlighting the need for business owners to evaluate their motivation for launching a company. The thought of “cashing out” should not be a founder’s primary focus.

Seasoned venture capitalist Joe Caruso shared additional insight on starting up a business in the video above. As a founder of an early stage investment company, Joe encounters many entrepreneurs  who often just need a sounding board. He prides himself on being a mentor and an on-demand resource for entrepreneurs.

Joe knows first-hand the importance of mentorship. When launching his first company, Joe admits that it didn’t go so well because he didn’t have a mentor. Joe realizes now a mentor would have made his business much more successful.

You can also visit the Hiscox YouTube channel for more business funding advice.