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Meet the 3rd place winner of the Hiscox Small Business San Diego Entrepreneur Day contest

November 11, 2013

Alexandra Koyreva shares insight about the power of networking.


As a small business owner, your network can be essential. Ensuring you have the right contacts can lead to business referrals, a pool of potential hires and much more. That’s why business networking is a must for all business owners. At this year’s San Diego Entrepreneur Day, business owners showcased their services and enjoyed some quality networking opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners at San Diego Entrepreneur Day talked about topics ranging from their biggest business risk to why San Diego is an ideal place to launch a business. One of the attendees we spoke with was Alexandra Koyreva of G/M Business Interiors, the number one office furniture dealer in Southern California.

Alexandra isn’t a business owner herself, but she works closely with entrepreneurs helping them outfit their office space. With the start-up boom taking place throughout San Diego, Alexandra knows it’s important to network with this segment of business owners, almost all of them potential customers. She’s also come to realize that launching a business can be stressful. Therefore, she focuses on keeping customers happy.

Alexandra was the third place winner of our contest and won a year’s premium subscription to LinkedIn Premium.

Learn more about the first and second place winners of Hiscox’s San Diego Entrepreneur Day contest, Sarah Lynch of Beta Wolf Marketing and Badir McCleary of Art:Above:Reality, Inc. Do you have any tips for effective networking? Leave your tips in the comments section.