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Leap Year Season Two Episode Four: Just Trying to Survive

July 9, 2012

Hiscox Commentary on Small Business Insurance

Dumpster diving? Exploding flour robots? Eccentric and confusing investors? These aren’t things all startups have to deal with, right? It’s starting to feel like the C3D crew is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, or dumpster in the case of Derek. All that dirty work and they’re no closer to proving that Livefy trashed their offices and drained their bank account. And, they still don’t have those stolen prototypes that Bryn worked so hard to develop.

It looks like dumpster diving isn’t the only dirty business Derek is involved in these days. That pesky harassment lawsuit his assistant filed against him last season just won’t go away, something Josie Hersh interrupted his nice dinner of avocado stuffed avocados to remind him of. Seems like June Pepper caught him at just the right time – he was desperate and her offer seemed like the only way to resolve his issue, especially with the current prospects of C3D. Unfortunately lawsuits, whether legitimate or spurious, are a major threat, especially to small businesses. That’s another way small business insurance can help. Instead of draining their cashflow to defend themselves, an insurance policy may cover these costs which will help with liquidity if the suit is effecting operations. Better to be safe than sorry is a good approach. Basically, do the opposite of what Derek’s doing these days.

Now it looks like C3D’s biggest embarrassment might turn into the best opportunity to get the funding they need to get their product launched on time. The mobile flour bomb was as unexpected as it was strange. Really, who’s in charge of security for their office?

The TechStars competition looks like it might be just what they need to get the funding to finish the prototypes in time for the new, early launch date. TechStars knows how to give startups the advice, tools and funding they need to be successful. But, the competition will be tough. I wish our favorite startup would do something to give us confidence that they’re up to the task.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week. Until then, keep your office doors locked and watch out for those flour robots!