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Leap Year Season One, Episode Three: A Simple Contest

March 28, 2012

Episode 3 – A Simple Contest

On this episode of Leap Year newly laid-off, Jack, Aaron, Derek, Olivia and Bryn are recruited to participate in a mysterious business contest with a $500,000 prize.

Hiscox Commentary for Small Business Owners

Things are starting to get really interesting. A secret contest for a $500,000 prize? A mysterious letter and a roll of money in the desk drawer? This isn’t the first time start-ups have competed for small business funding, but it might be the first time the whole thing was so mysterious. Usually the biggest difficulty is getting someone interested in your idea and you’re competing against everyone else, not just four of your friends.

Hiscox Commentary

Jack’s persistence is something many small business owners can identify with – he won’t hear the word No. He is a publicist which means he’ll be speaking to the media on behalf of Scarlett as he works to get her media attention. This also means that one mistake or slip of the tongue could hurt his client’s reputation. In Jack’s line of business he runs a high risk of being sued for slander or libel.

Professional liability insurance covers professionals who speak and write on behalf of their clients, among other things. A good publicist spends most of their time talking or writing to the media, lessen the risk by protecting your small business from the very day you start. Learn more and get a professional liability insurance quote from Hiscox.