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Leap Year Season One, Episode Ten: Life in 3D

May 16, 2012

Episode 10 – Life in 3D

Lisa goes into labor as Aaron, Bryn and Derek meet with programming genius, Sergei Lenov (Mark Gantt), at his cabin in the woods. With hours left, the gang tries desperately to get the final pieces together to present their new plan to their mysterious investor.

Hiscox Commentary

The Leap Year crew followed the lesson of many successful entrepreneurs, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. In fact, 38% of entrepreneurs surveyed by Hiscox said they had been part of a business that suffered a serious setback, and 92% of those entrepreneurs believe this helped them succeed in their current business*.

We hope you enjoyed Season 1 of Leap Year. Whether you are a small business owner or you are planning to be one, we hope you were able to relate to the characters, have a good laugh and learn some things along the way.

The number one tip being, don’t let a possible lawsuit get in the way of your success. Make sure you have small business insurance including professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and business owner insurance with Hiscox.

Be sure to watch Leap Year Season 2 – coming in June 2012!

The new season promises to have plenty of twists and turns as our 5 main characters work to build their business to the next level, thwart the competition and attract the attention of investors and the media. We hope you’ll follow along with us as our main characters grow with their business and learn about the dedication and teamwork it takes to make their new venture a success.

* Hiscox commissioned research with Opinium Research among 304 owners, partners and senior decision makers from US businesses with 1 to 249 employees between the 18th of May and the 1st of June 2011.