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Leap Year Season One, Episode Six: That Kind of Day

April 18, 2012

Episode 6 – That Kind of Day

The office server goes missing and Bryn faces a crisis of conscience and identity. Aaron, furious over Olivia’s and Jack’s betrayal, unleashes the full fury of a financial analyst.

Hiscox Commentary on Small Business Insurance

In this episode Brynn’s feeling guilty about losing the server without a backup and also about keeping secrets from the rest of the group. Hopefully you have never been faced with this issue, however, having an important piece of equipment like a server stolen could happen – especially when over one quarter of respondents (26%) to a recent Hiscox survey said they had no security measures at all in place at their office*. A business owners policy is the best way to protect your business equipment in case it’s damaged or stolen. This policy also includes general liability insurance, an essential for any small business, so you’ll be covered for those risks, too.

Aaron’s mistake on Derek’s taxes is causing some real damage to his reputation. Hopefully, he at least bought professional liability insurance to help him deal with any disgruntled clients who were negatively impacted by his errors. Mistakes happen, that’s what insurance is for.

* Figure based on those who had a large / small / home-based office. Hiscox commissioned research with Opinium Research among 304 owners, partners and senior decision makers from US companies with 1 to 249 employees, between the 18th of May and the 1st of June 2011.