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Hiscox Small Business Corner: Some Like it Organized

April 8, 2014

Helping others organize their space came natural for Michelle Powell. She followed this passion and became a small business owner.

We’re always excited to feature entrepreneurs in the Hiscox Small Business Corner. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase small business owners and their passions. We’re also hopeful that these features will provide inspiration as you launch or focus on growing a business.

Today’s small business corner features Michelle Powell, founder of Some Like It Organized, a professional organizing company that launched in 2012. Michelle says that organizing has always come natural for her. But it wasn’t until working with her mother-in-law one day that she realized her passion for organizing.

Michelle shares more about her passion for organizing and life as an entrepreneur below.

Tell us more about Some Like It Organized?

My professional career spans from being a hostess in a restaurant to working at a music label. After these experiences, I committed to never working again in corporate America. I had no clue what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to take a leap of faith. After a few days of organizing the entirety of my husband’s childhood home, my mother-in-law suggested a simple idea that would change my life, “Can you just do THIS for a living?” After realizing that professional organizing has a credible history of over 30 years, I dove right in! I worked with friends and family to build up clientele as I launched my company. I also joined the National Association of Professional Organizers, which allowed me to learn about entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Today, I believe my company is growing and innovating as I stand out in this unique field. Some Like It Organized differs from other professional organizing companies because I incorporate Feng Shui, Life Coaching and virtual organizing sessions. All of these services are combined with a holistic approach. Joy follows me every day as I continue to help people find structure and serenity. I’m looking forward to becoming a certified professional organizer and life coach while growing my business internationally. My goal as a business owner is to serve as many people as possible.

What encouraged you to become a business owner?

When I reached that wall at my dead end job, I panicked since I had nowhere to climb. The realization that I was completely unhappy in that position, prompted me to take a blind leap of faith away from what I knew wasn’t my path, so that I could discover what would actually be the best direction for my life. However, it was the dedication and fervour of my husband towards his business that inspired me to dive into the unknown of being my own boss. He led, guided, supported, nurtured, trained and pushed me through the transition, not without lots of “discussions.” If it weren’t for him, I would have never taken that step toward entrepreneurship. His experience immensely helped me understand the workings of this new world, especially the technical and legal bits. He set the best example for me to learn from so that I could take the lead when the time was right.

What advice would you share with other business owners?

My advice for others is get the help you need. Every business owner has their specialty and strengths. Don’t try to do it all. Delegate what you don’t know or like so you can focus on creating your best. Hire whoever you need to cover all your bases. Money doesn’t have to be involved either if that is a concern. Ask around in your circle who might be able to help – bartering or acts of kindness are wonderful miracles that only happen when you have authentic faith in yourself and your business.

What is your secret to success?

Personal development is crucial. As I grow, so does my business. I believe every sale, setback or new opportunity are direct results of what is happening within us. It’s been a journey of pain and joy in my business, but every emotion brings me back to the question, “What is going on in me that I need to look at?”  When I’m present, authentic, creative, disciplined or any quality that I value, that’s when more success comes rushing in. Success also doesn’t strictly mean financial success, but rather the rewarding and dynamic quality of life you dream of.

Visit www.somelikeitorganized.com  to learn more about the company’s services and connect with Some Like It Organized on social media for free resources and tips at http://www.Facebook.com/SomeLikeItOrganized, http://twitter.com/SomeLikeItOrg and http://instagram.com/somelikeitorganized.