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Hiscox Small Business Corner: Brazzlebox.com

August 21, 2014

Charlene Barkley, Director of Advertising and Promotions for Brazzlebox.com and Founder Glen Zinszer, prepare for the launch of the business-to-business online networking tool.

Charlene Barkley

A new platform for small businesses prepares to launch as a resource for connecting with other business owners.

The Hiscox Small Business Corner series is an outlet for small business owners to highlight what makes their businesses stand out. Previously, we’ve featured technology firms, a childcare facility, social media agencies and more. The latest small business corner feature is a New York based company, Brazzlebox. Read on for insight on how small business owners can use a new online tool to connect with each other and grow their businesses.

I’m Charlene Barkley, Director of Advertising and Promotions for Brazzlebox, and I’m happy to share the story of the company for the Hiscox Small Business Corner. Brazzlebox is a business-to-business social media network for small and home-based businesses. Slated to launch on September 18th, we hope to use our platform to challenge and educate our members, while helping them build long-lasting relationships with other business owners. Brazzlebox will allow businesses to connect and network in a way no other website has.

Our indirect competitors are the “big” social media networks, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. But, where Facebook is a platform to wish someone a happy birthday, LinkedIn is great for head hunting, finding a job and boasting your credentials (in fact, statistics have proven that they are now a bigger job hunting website than Monster.com), Instagram lets you put a cool filter on your bagel and Twitter announces what you are doing that second in life. None of them really connect businesses. Those platforms put businesses in front of the consumer, but rarely do they connect businesses to other businesses for networking purposes. As a small business owner, I’m sure you already know that making connections takes time and money. And let’s face it, there are two things that small and home-based businesses don’t have a lot of, it’s time and money.

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Brazzlebox is the brainchild of our CEO and Visionary, Glen Zinszer. Glen is best known as a successful serial entrepreneur in the Syracuse, New York area for the past 15 years. He’s helped launch and build several small businesses, including an insurance firm, retail store, a consulting firm and a restaurant. Glen launched Brazzlebox out of the frustrations and difficulties of being a small business owner. He started Brazzlebox on a napkin and has been cooking with gas and building this project into what we hope will be the most successful business-to-business social media website ever.

I invite you to visit Brazzlebox.com and become  a part of the community. We’re proud to be created for small businesses by a small business! Additionally, visit YouTube to see the Brazzlebox promo video. I’ll also return to the Hiscox small business blog to share insight on how small business owners can create a competitive small business retirement plan for their employees. This topic comes up often among small businesses that the Brazzlebox team comes into contact with.

As Brazzlebox prepares to launch as a community for small business owners, what resources have you used in the past to connect with other business owners? Leave a comment to share your feedback.

Charlene Barkley is the Director of Advertising and Promotions for Brazzlebox, a business-to-business social media network for small and home-based business. Her skills include business management, accounting, information technology, network administration and leadership. Connect with Charlene online at https://twitter.com/smallbizchar.