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Hiscox Announces New Partnership with Tough Mudder

June 1, 2015

At Hiscox, we believe that life is not for the fainthearted –that’s why we are proud to be the insurer that always encourages courage on the part of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with another company that knows a thing or two about courage, Tough Mudder! For the uninitiated, Tough Mudder is a company that produces some of the toughest events on the planet—a series of obstacle courses focused on strength, stamina, mental grit, team-work, and camaraderie.

“Courage is an essential ingredient to success. Small business owners are faced with risks and challenges every day. And they need to face these challenges head on to keep growing,” said Russell Findlay, Head of Marketing for Hiscox USA. “Our Encourage Courage platform applauds those who have taken on new challenges – from taking the leap to start a business, hiring their first employee, or expanding into something bigger. Encourage Courage is about celebrating the positive power of risk and getting beyond its paralyzing properties. Through this platform, Hiscox hopes to help others find the courage to take a risk and live their dreams.”

Our partnership with Tough Mudder is all about bringing to life Hiscox’s commitment to encouraging courage in all its forms. At Hiscox, we know that it takes both courage and commitment for small businesses to embrace risk and launch a small business. We are excited to provide tailored small business insurance coverage that enables entrepreneurs to do just that.

Are you Feeling Courageous

We are excited to get you involved in our latest Encourage Courage campaign. As part of our Tough Mudder sponsorship, be on the lookout for small business promotions and Hiscox Encourage Courage branding at all U.S. Tough Mudder events. We’ll even have a Hiscox Courage Zone in place at 22 Tough Mudders, including New York City’s inaugural Urban Mudder.

Stay tuned to www.hiscox.com/small-business-insurance/blog for more details about you can get courageous with Hiscox and Tough Mudder! Do you have questions about how you can get involved? Let us know in the comments section below!


  • Charlie

    This is a great partnership! What will it mean, apart from the Hiscox tent at events? How about a discounted entrance for anyone willing to wear a Hiscox t-shirt? And a discount on insurance for those who complete a Tough-Mudder?

    • Thanks for your comment, Charlie! We’ll be announcing some very cool programs for Hiscox customers very shortly. What if I told you that you could design a Tough Mudder obstacle? Stay tuned for more details…