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Entrepreneur Nirmal Parikh Shares What Leadership Means to Him

August 5, 2013

Nirmal Parikh, Founder and CEO of Digital Wavefront, shares what it takes to be a great leader.

At this year’s Inc. Leadership Forum, we had the opportunity to interview small business owners and entrepreneurs about their insight on leadership. The three-day event provided a wealth of knowledge for attendees on best strategies for company growth, while instilling the traits needed to lead others. 

While responses from each person were unique, an overarching theme involved focusing on company culture, taking risks and being an advocate for change.

In the video above, Nirmal Parikh, founder and CEO of Digital Wavefront, shares what leadership means to him. As the leader of an eight-person firm, that’s steadily growing, Nirmal understands the need for fostering future leaders. He goes on to discuss  the importance of transparency within organizations. View Nirmal’s interview for more thoughts on the importance of leadership.