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‘Doing more’ is good for business

June 7, 2012

Humanizing your small business brand can be rewarding and help you stand out from the competition.

San Francisco – The Hiscox San Francisco office, along with friends and family, supported the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s SFPD Challenge and helped raise over $40,000. Pictured here is Branch Manager Brett Sadoff as Santa Claus pulling a cable car with his elves helping him.

This recent article on Forbes caught my attention about ‘brand humanization’. This is a fancy sounding term and combines parts of social marketing, social responsibility, charity and more. It’s really about building brand advocates not just through your great products and service but by doing more for your local community and others.

As a small business owner, devoting time to this can be very difficult. You are balancing hundreds of tasks every day so finding more time to humanize your brand can be hard. However it can be very rewarding and provide a true point of differentiation between your company and others.

Donating a small percentage of your profits to charity, helping local organizations with your skills for free or sharing helpful content with others through social media are all ways you help build value. This can then become part of your small business brand and what you stand for.

Content can be added to your website, pitch documents, brochures or other marketing materials to reinforce what you are doing. All of this news can also be shared with your connections via social media – who knows, you may even convince others to join in and help. Building networks around a common cause is good for business and personally rewarding.

This will add another dimension to how people perceive your company and can help your business grow. If I was looking for a designer or consultant to work on my business, if all other things are equal in terms of costs and quality of work, then I would always select the business that is also doing more to help others in their local community.

It may not be an approach for everyone but it certainly made me think about what else Hiscox can be doing to share our news, tips and content to help other small business owners. I also think we should do more promotion about some of the great charity work we do.