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Describe your business to a five year-old

November 13, 2013

How would you describe your business to a five year-old if you had to?


If you were asked to explain what your company does to a five year-old, would you be able to do it? How would you  describe the essential benefits of your product or service and why they need it? In this case, simplicity is best. Much like the simplicity that is needed if you were pitching your business to a venture capitalist.

We asked business owners at the annual San Diego Entrepreneur Day to share their insight about topics ranging from their biggest business risk to how they named their company. We also asked them to give a explanation of their business, simple enough for a five year-old to understand.

At an event that was filled with companies ranging from marketing consultants, to fashion designers and event planners, the range of answers were interesting. View the video above to see over 25 business owners explain their business in terms a five year-old could understand. After you’ve checked out the video, leave a comment explaining what your company does.

For more insight from small business owners, visit the Hiscox YouTube channel for more videos.

  • We take pictures and make a list of everything you own. Then, if your bike, or TV,, or video games get stolen, we can help your mom and dad get the money so you can buy a new one.

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      Cindy, that describes your business simple enough. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Feel free to visit our small business blog often to share your insight on topics we highlight.

  • It’s hard to start a new business, because most people don’t know all they need to know. And it takes a lot of time to learn it all. So I wrote a book about how to start a business like mine, and even put a lot of files on a CD to help them send letters to people – things we learned over 10 years. We make their website for them and lots of other things like commercials. My company is a lot like your teacher, but I call myself a mentor – someone who helps you learn how and why. Any time they have a question or need help, they just give me a call.

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      Thanks for sharing your insight, Mike. You’re absolutely correct, it can be difficult to start a business. That’s one reason why we use our small business blog as a resource for business owners starting up and those focusing on growing their business. We often accept guest bloggers. If you’re interested in sharing your insight with our readers, email us at blog(at)hiscox.com regarding next steps.