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Professional Liability Insurance for Cosmetologists

December 28, 2012

Your clients come to you so they can look their best, but what happens if you make a mistake and your client isn’t happy? That’s what cosmetology insurance is for.

If you run a beauty salon you know how to deal with demanding clients. They expect the best because they want to look their best, especially over the holidays. But accidents can always happen, no matter how skilled of a professional you are.

Customized cosmetology insurance is available for a wide range of cosmetology professions including hairdressers, beauticians, estheticians, nail technicians and make-up artists and can help protect your business from all manner of mishaps that may result in a lawsuit.

Why do I need cosmetology insurance?

For example, you’re a hairdresser who is coloring a bride-to-be’s hair. Your salon’s trainee is having a tricky time with another client and you’re called over to help her out. The distraction means you inadvertently leave the dye on the bride-to-be’s hair for too long, burning her scalp and damaging her hair. She leaves your salon in tears saying she’ll have to cancel her big day. A few days later she sues you, claiming you caused her bodily injury and emotional distress. She also hits you with a bill for damages caused by her emotional distress and subsequent postponement of the wedding. The venue, the food, and the photographer all have to be cancelled, as does the honeymoon. Several of the guests are from out of town, so they also want you to pay for their flights and accommodation. Now you’re pulling your own hair out in distress. What are you to do? Professional liability insurance will help protect you against this kind of disaster.

Or perhaps you’re an esthetician who performs a facial on a client. You recommend she use an expensive moisturizer that you sell to help keep her skin looking vibrant after her treatment. But, instead, the cream sparks an allergic reaction causing painful and itchy hives. She sues you, even though you didn’t produce the moisturizer, claiming that because you sold it to her you distributed a faulty product. Now it’s not just your client who’s suffered a painful reaction to this cream – so have you. But help is at hand. Customized cosmetology insurance includes general liability insurance which will cover you against third-party claims for bodily injury, to the extent you are liable, and related medical costs.

Protect yourself with professional liability insurance

Having the right cosmetology insurance policy that meets the needs of your business will provide your clients with the reassurance to keep coming back to you and give you peace of mind. And, after all, getting a good night’s sleep is important for you – and your business – to stay in great shape.

How has cosmetology insurance come in handy in your small business? Were there times when you wish you had it? Tell us below!