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5 Types of Toxic Employees

5 Types of Toxic Employees and how to keep them from taking down your business. #infograph

The not-so-magic bullet for SEO success

Small business owners know that getting website traffic can be a big benefit to their bottom lines. If you operate an online-only and e-commerce businesses, it can mean the difference between success of failure. The key to this traffic is SEO, or search engine optimization. Here are a few things any entrepreneur can do to help their website draw more relevant Internet traffic.

Hiscox eDNA 2013: Small businesses and the U.S. economy

The 2013 Hiscox eDNA small business survey highlights the triumphs and challenges of the American entrepreneur. Today we revealed the US results of the 5th annual Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur survey.  We surveyed 500 US small business owners and got their sentiments on their companies, the overall business environment and what factors will influence […]

Social Media Ranks Low for Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many experts are pushing social media as the great equalizer for small businesses, but only 35% of small business owners actively use social media. Not every business, especially a startup, can afford a large scale marketing and advertising program, but any size business can use social media to promote themselves and their products or services. […]

Hiscox eDNA 2012 Small Businesses and US Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Hiscox eDNA small business survey shows that US small business owners are optimistic about 2013. Despite continuing economic clouds, things are looking up for US small business owners as we head into 2013. Ever the eternal optimists, 55% of the small business owners in the Hiscox EDNA 2012 survey (link) are optimistic about their […]

Small Business Owners Losing Sleep but Not Losing Hope in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 4th annual Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur survey is out and entrepreneurs, true to form, are largely optimistic about the future. According to the Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur study, 49% of small business owners and leaders across the US, the UK and Europe are positive about the year ahead for their business. 55% […]

Are Small Business Owners Taking On Too Much? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The “can-do” attitude that makes small business owners successful, could also be their Achilles’ heel, according to a Hiscox survey. Our research found that despite 64% saying that legal issues should be handled by professionals, only 26% of small businesses actually employ full or part-time legal and/or accounting help. Passion drives entrepreneurs, pressure is part […]

Grow your small business in the Internet Economy

Businesses in the U.S. with medium or high Internet presence expect to grow by 17% over the next 3 years. A really interesting piece of research forecasting explosive growth in the Internet economy came out recently. It delivers a clear message to entrepreneurs: Get online if you want to reap the rewards of the new […]

Hiscox Survey Shows Small Business Owners are up for New Challenges

Despite stress, 69% of small business owners are ready to tackle the business challenges of the year of ahead. Running a small business is stressful, I don’t think you’ll get many people who will disagree with that.  But what’s the main reason for small business owner’s stress and what can they do to reduce how this impacts […]

Small Business DIY guide to PR

Small business tips series: Generating low-cost exposure for your small business. Now that you have your business up and running, you need to let prospective customers know you’re here so you can turn them into clients. If you’ve got the money you can hire a marketing and PR firm, but if your budget is tight […]


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