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Category Archives: Small Business Current Events

3 Tips to Help Small Business Owners Calculate Payroll Taxes

Its time to bring out that tax calculator. It may not be fun, but calculating taxes and withholding for employees is a critical task for all small business owners. Both withholdings and taxes are dependent upon several factors  including (but not limited to) marital status, and allowances. For employers, underpaid tax liabilities can equate to […]

4 Ways to Prep Your Small Business for Spring Success

Spring is the perfect time to think about some ways to reinvigorate your business. Here’s a list of four ideas for picking up spring’s sales as winter fades.

4 Business Lessons You Can Learn from March Madness

March Madness and running a small business may seem like they have nothing in common. How can a 23-day college basketball tournament help you manage your business? Here are four take-aways from the spectacle that is March Madness that you can use to improve your business.

Which states have the highest taxes?

It’s that time of year again: tax season. It’s natural for small business owners to consider which states are the most small business friendly when it comes to tax rates. If you could operate your business in a lower tax state, while maintaining, or growing revenues, would you move?

How to use social media for your next PR campaign

Any small business armed with a good story idea and a targeted social media strategy can get the attention of just about any journalist anywhere – provided they pitch the right journalist with a timely story idea.

5 resources for Small Business Ideas

Make sure there’s demand in the marketplace for what you’re planning to offer, otherwise life could be challenging no matter how much work you put in.

You should consider the current growth of the industry, as well as its future growth potential. Here’s some advice from a few reputable small business sources.

4 Achievable Small Business Resolutions for the New Year

Don’t skip on making those resolutions for your small business in 2015. Small business resolutions are a good way to formalize ideas and take action on things you’ve been meaning to do anyway in 2015.

How Personal Trainers Can Capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions

Small business owners in the health and wellness fields know, the beginning of January marks the start of one of the busiest times of the year. Personal trainers find themselves especially busy, as people are ready to embrace goals in search of their personal best, or at least lose a couple of the pounds they packed on over the holidays.

Navigating Healthcare Reform for Your Small Business

Here are some helpful user guides and how-to websites that can help you figure out what healthcare reform is all about, and how it applies to your small business.

CVS owns healthy

There’s a small business branding lesson in the recent announcement from CVS. The announcement today by CVS corporation that they would stop selling cigarettes in their 7,600 stores nationwide is a great example of a company reminding people of what their brand truly stands for.  CVS is a huge national corporation, but the estimated $2 […]


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