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How KTech grew from an idea in to a business

Bobby Kneisel was working as a systems administrator for a large corporation when he noticed that a lot of the people who knew who owned or worked for small businesses were lacking the IT help they needed. After lending a hand to a few small businesses who needed help, he realized this was something he could build a business around.

Certificate of Liability Insurance – What is it and why do I need it?

If you own a small business, liability insurance protects you if there’s an accident or injury in your workplace or caused by one of your employees. A certificate of liability insurance (COI) also known as an ACORD certificate of liability insurance and serves as proof of your insurance coverage.

Going from small to big: Is your small business ready to grow?

For many entrepreneurs, growing their small business is a goal. For others, keeping their business small, and their schedule flexible, is preferable. So how do you know if your entrepreneurial venture is growth-ready?

“Spotting” your personal training business with small business insurance

Business insurance is like spotting for your business – there to step in right when you need it and prevent major catastrophe.

How can tax professionals make sure they’re prepared for tax season?

As the owner of a small business that prepares taxes, how can you be sure you’re ready to provide clients with the best possible services on a tight timeframe?

Why do marketing and media consultants need business insurance?

Marketing consultants and independent media professionals make their livings giving advice. Because of the subjective nature of this type of work, it’s very possible that at some point a client is going to be unhappy with the work, and may even pursue legal remediation. This is why all small businesses in the marketing and media consulting space should consider two types of small business insurance: professional liability coverage and general liability protection.

Oh Great, A Lawsuit. Now What?

As a small business owner there are fewer things capable of striking more fear into your heart than being sued. Even in a best-case scenario where you have professional liability insurance, general liability coverage, or a business owners policy in place, a lawsuit still means lost time, stress, and possible damage to your reputation.

Regardless of whether you have small business insurance or were at fault, here are four steps you can take if your small business is sued. They might improve the situation, maybe even dramatically.

Management Consultants Need Small Business Insurance. Here’s Why.

Management consulting may not seem like a particularly dangerous line of work, but consultants in this space face as many risks as personal trainers or family therapists.

How to file an insurance claim for your small business

Disasters can sometimes hit your small business. Here are some things to remember the next time you’re caught filing an insurance claim, to ensure your business receives all the coverage it needs.

Massage therapy insurance: Here’s why you need it

Here are some message therapist insurance tips to think about if you’ve started, or are planning to start, a massage therapy business.


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