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Insuring your tax preparation practice

Book keepers and tax preparers have access to important client information. In cases such as this you want to ensure your small business is properly insured. If you’re one of the million-plus people working as a tax preparer, by now you’ve wrapped up preparing your client’s returns in time to meet this year’s deadline. Hopefully […]

Make sure you properly insure your health and fitness business in 2014

Many, maybe most, New Year’s Resolutions focus on health and fitness. Small business owners in this field should also resolve to make sure they’re properly insured. If you’re a sports and/or beauty small business owner, you know that the start of a new year often means a surge in business.  New Year’s resolutions are still […]

4 things small businesses can learn from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The drive and determination being shown by the competitors at the Sochi games, can teach small business owners a lot about running their own companies. If you’re anything like the 24 million-strong audience for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, you’re marveling at the feats of greatness as athletes from around the world push […]

New Year, Same Risk. Are You Protected?

Start the New Year off right by ensuring you have the proper coverage. How is 2014 going for your small business so far?  We hope it’s going extremely well – but we know that things can always go awry, often when you least expect it.  You don’t really want to go through all of 2014 […]

The Hiscox Reactor Resource Page for architects and engineers

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Hiscox Reactor Resource Pages

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Hiscox Reactor Resource PagesVisit our resource page for helpful tips for your architect or engineering small business. The Hiscox Reactor Resource Page for Architects and Engineers sounds pretty interesting, right?  Small business owners in architecture and engineering can always use resources geared specifically for them, […]

What types of insurance does your new business need?

In the rush of hanging out your own shingle, don’t overlook a central need: business insurance. Starting a new business is an exhilarating time full of possibilities, yet also terrifying – mostly due to the unknowns, the risk.  You need to protect your business assets if there are problems; natural disasters and legal liabilities are […]

What type of insurance do I need for independent contractors?

Contractors are a great way to grow your small business. Just make sure that you’re not taking on more risk when you use them. You’ve built a healthy consulting business and understand that there comes a time when it’s not possible for you to do everything as well as it needs to be done.  Business […]

Contingency Planning: A must for small business

Small businesses have even more potential emergencies to plan for than big businesses, making a contingency plan is essential.  Here’s how to put one together for your small business.  For larger businesses a contingency plan generally deals with unexpected events that affect the financial health, professional image, or market share of the company – things […]

Professional liability insurance for education consultants: It’s a thing!

Whether you’re new to educational consulting, or a seasoned pro, you may not be aware of how errors and omissions coverage can help you. When you think of insurance for professional service businesses, the world of education may not spring to mind.  But in today’s litigious world, education consultants need the protection of professional liability […]

What Types of Insurance Do Health, Beauty and Well-being Providers Need?

Make sure you’re carrying the right types of small business insurance. We’ve got your covered right here.  As your summer heats up with clients eager to be healthy and fit for summer fun, make sure you’re carrying the right types of small business insurance.  Not sure what those are?  We’ve got your covered right here.  Health, […]


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