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Biggest biz risk ever taken: I fired my clients

June 5, 2014

Guest blogger Eydie Stumpf of Terra Media Marketing shares how firing clients actually led to higher business revenue.

In the early 2000’s I started my Virtual Assistant business. As most new business owners did, I joined networking group after networking group seeking out my next client.  I would take any new client who came along in order to build my business. The key word in my last sentence is “any”.  I wanted clients – I wanted success – I wanted to make more money, so I would take ANY client who crossed my path. Sure, I was making money, but I wasn’t happy.

Taking ANY one as a client was actually doing me more harm than good. These random clients continually tried to get me to do more and pay me less. In addition, they were unmotivated, negative and disrespectful of my time and value.

Then the light bulb in my head turned on. I didn’t HAVE to take just ANY client. I didn’t have to stand for the degradation of my worth. I made a decision to embrace my value. I could FIRE these clients and search for my IDEAL clients instead! It was a risk, of course, but a risk I felt I had to take.

I created a mind-map of the characteristics and personalities of my ideal client. Once that was done and I had a clear idea of who I was trying to attract, I let go of three clients. Wow – that was scary! I was losing great income, but on the flip-side, I was gaining my sanity and self-respect.

Within hours of letting them go and purging their files, I landed two new clients who fell perfectly into my vision for my business. I carried them for years, until my business took a turn into the field of online marketing and I launched Terra Media Marketing.  I then had to re-evaluate my business. In order to reach my new goals, once again I needed to let go of a couple of clients.

Letting go of income is a difficult thing to do, but it’s a business risk we have to take in order to see growth. When we’re working with clients who understand our worth, and who own similar values and work ethics, they elevate us to the next level of business success and personal happiness.

Eydie Stumpf, Owner Terra Media Marketing Group and Business Owners Select, is an online marketing expert. She focuses on educating entrepreneurs on how to network online, use social tools to build a community of prospective clients increase their online visibility and how to build trust based relationships. She is a columnist for The Press Enterprise and a mentor with the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center. Visit www.terramediamarketing.com to learn more about Terra Media Marketing or contact info@terramediamarketing.com.