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Essential small business insurance for personal trainers

Making sure your personal training business is properly insured is important. Read on to learn why. It’s an exciting time to be a newly-certified personal trainer.  You’ve put in the time, studied for and passed the personal trainer certification exam and are ready to start changing the lives of clients for the better. While you’re […]

Summer insurance tips for real estate agents

Business picks up for real estate owners during the summer. Make sure you’re insured with the proper small business insurance coverage. The last few years have been tumultuous for real estate, to say the least.  The pendulum-swing shift from a sellers’market to a buyers’and back again, seems to happen faster than ever, so small business […]

Liability and equipment coverages your photography business needs this summer

Photographers should keep small business insurance top of mind as they create memories this summer through their pictures. Everyone loves the beginning of summer – especially entrepreneurs and small business owners experiencing increased sales as warmer temperatures motivate people to do things they put off during colder months.  Photographers in particular like summer because the […]

11 books to spice up every entrepreneur’s summer reading list

Use your down time this summer to catch up on your reading list. Last year, we shared 10 books for your small business summer reading list.  If you’re planning to use the slower pace of the summer for some additional reading, we’ve got recommendations for you depending on your state of mind.  Pick your mood, pick […]

Small business owners really do have time for vacations. Here’s why.

Small business ownership doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice vacation time. Read on for why vacations are essential for small business owners. Summer is in full swing: Kids are out of school, beaches are crowded and temperatures climb so high all you want to do is hang out on a shady beach.  But you’re a […]

Getting your small business started with Pinterest and Instagram

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Social Media Tips

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Social Media TipsUse these tips to add Pinterest and Instagram to your social media strategy. Pinterest and Instagram are two relatively new social media platforms, both launched in 2010 and began to gain traction just a few months later.  Today Pinterest has 70 million users […]

An easy way to increase social media engagement for your small business

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Social Media Tips

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Social Media TipsIncrease your social media engagement using images. Social media engagement is a back and forth with your audience.  You post, they like or comment or share, you acknowledge their activity and on it goes.  For sites like Facebook your engagement level corresponds with […]

4 work-life balance ideas for dadpreneurs

A growing number of dads are just as hands on as mothers within the home. These tips will help dads who are small business owners better manage their commitments at home and the office. Striking a work-life balance isn’t just a concern of women business owners anymore.  Many entrepreneurs are hands-on fathers, committed to spending […]

Cyber Security: Is your small business protected?

Make a commitment today to create a cyber security plan for your small business. Internet security breaches are becoming more insidious and more powerful, as evidenced by the recent Heartbleed events.  While we can hope that white hat computer security will eventually determine how to permanently thwart hackers, it’s not going to happen any time […]

6 things you should know before starting your small business

Keep these tips top of mind when starting your small business. As professionals with entrepreneurial leanings explore the possibility of starting a small business, they devour business books and consult with friends and family for advice and insights.  But no matter how much research and planning they do during the ramp-up phase, there’s no way […]


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