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Hiscox provides small business owners and entrepreneurs customized liability insurance, general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance. The Hiscox small business blog provides support and resources on all aspects of small businesses because we understand the courage it takes to start and run a small business.

7 Ways To Maximize Holiday Sales for Small Business

During the holidays it seems like everyone is spending more money, but is your small business making more money? Your small business may flourish during this busy season of gift buying, or you may be all but forgotten in the rush. Try these tips to bring in extra business during the holidays.

White Paper: The Changing Face of Private Practice Accounting

The face of private practice accounting is changing. Several factors, including the rise of the millennial client, increased responsibility around client investments, and IRS budget cuts are just some of the challenges facing accountants today. How are savvy accountants managing the new risks these challenges present?

Hiscox Expands Small Business Resource Center with Health Insurance Partners

For small business owners, the pain associated with rising costs is especially tough. Hiscox offers business insurance and is committed to doing what we can to help small business owners grow and protect their businesses. As part of this commitment, we’re excited to introduce two top small business healthcare resources to our recently announced small business resource center.

Hiscox Encourages Courageous Filmmakers at the Austin Film Festival

At Hiscox we know that, similar to running a small business, creating a truly great film comes with some risks. That’s why we’re excited to be a leading sponsor of the Austin Film Festival for the second year in a row!

Small Business Hiring: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

If your business has grown to the point where you can no longer do everything yourself— congratulations! That’s a big milestone for entrepreneurs and it signifies that you’re making smart business decisions . Bringing on a new employee or contractor is a smart way to ease your workload, but it’s not something that should be entered into lightly and there are some important distinctions between the two classes of workers. When choosing between the two, keep the following considerations in mind.