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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs: Commitment

Part two of a ten-part series Check out our first entry in the series: Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs: A Step by Step Guide to Creating SMART Small Business Goals There’s an old joke about commitment that’s been paraphrased by many successful people, including tennis great Martina Navratalova. She said, “The difference between commitment and involvement […]

Top Small Businesses Tax Tips for 2016

The time to prepare for small business taxes is long before tax day arrives in April.  The beginning of the year is a busy time— hopefully you’ve managed saved time by setting up automatic payments for key business needs like small business insurance. Although you may be busy with hectic business tasks and other responsibilities, […]

Bookkeeping For Small Business – 5 Ways To Grow During Tax Season

Tax season is the busiest time of year for bookkeepers, and a great time to add new clients to your roster. In the first three months of the year, business owners begin to prepare to file their taxes and panic often sets in. If your bookkeeping business is top of mind, you may get the […]

How to Pump Up Your Personal Training Business in the New Year

It never fails, among the most popular New Year’s resolutions each year are to lose weight and getting more healthy. It’s no surprise, with all the merriment between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, most people feel the need to whip themselves back into shape. Personal trainers are uniquely situated to take advantage of the post-holiday season […]

Social Media For Small Business – Tips For Successful Marketing

Along with securing small business insurance, developing a social media marketing plan should be an integral part of running your small business, but many small business owners don’t know where to start in order to exploit this powerful method for gaining customers. Follow these steps to develop your own social media marketing plan. 1. Identify your […]