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Kevin Kerridge is the Director of Small Business at Hiscox. A partner at the firm, he currently leads the company’s small business insurance practice, brand marketing and the company’s practice areas – Media & Entertainment, Executive Risk, and Professions.

What Your Small Business Can Learn from the Olympics

Don’t get blind-sided when it comes to protecting your business. I have to say that the Brits managed to deliver an incredible opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games – and, so far, have managed to keep this standard going. There have been those who are surprised (Mr. Romney….) but I am not. The Brit’s […]

Starting a Small Business Takes Heart, Courage and Brains

Last week my children persuaded me to take them to go and see the musical, The Wizard of Oz. With theatre ticket prices as they are, it’s always an expensive outing so I was delighted to extract some extra value from the experience from a business perspective. Those of you that are familiar with the […]

The Ultimate Professional

Everyone makes mistakes – liability insurance can help protect your business when mistakes happen. It was inappropriate. But I just couldn’t help a wry smile to myself. I was reading my weekend New York paper when I saw the story about how a master illusionist and well known magician in Great Britain had managed to […]

13 Types of Insurance Small Businesses Should Consider

In a recent article by the Small Business Authority they outlined 13 types of insurance that a small business should consider. Clearly some – like auto and workers comp – aren’t up for consideration, they’re usually required. However, general liability insurance was listed as number 1 and professional liability insurance as number 6. In my […]

Hiscox France Launches Small Business Insurance TV Campaign

As an Englishman, albeit one that’s been adopted by New York, you wouldn’t expect much praise to come from me when it comes to the French. As close neighbors in Europe we ‘have history’. Centuries ago we had frequent wars between us – but in recent times things have been much more civilized with any […]