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Real Estate Agents Make Mistakes Too

An honest mistake can lead to a costly lawsuit.  Learn how to protect yourself with professional liability insurance.  Real estate agents are constantly busy tracking multiple clients and their listings. There are a lot of details to keep straight –  and the property included in the sale of the home needs to be itemized and double checked so there are […]

Tutors Required to Carry Liability Insurance in Some Districts

Tutoring is a very fulfilling experience – individuals working with kids in need of extra help can provide the guidance they need to grasp the concepts and succeed. Teachers, both active and retired, current students and college grads spend time after school hours working with children to help them understand math equations or help improve their reading level – […]

Why do personal trainers need professional liability insurance?

Your client just accused you of injuring his rotator cuff during a personal training session. Now what do you do? Your new small business has been growing faster than planned – that’s good news. Clients are signing up for all of your available personal training appointments and you’ve even considered starting up a group boot […]

Proof of insurance for your small business

What is a Certificate of Insurance, and why am I being asked to present one? A Certificate of Insurance provides a summary of information about an insurance policy that is in place for your business. Usually it displays the type of small business insurance you purchased (for example, Professional Liability, General Liability, or a Business […]


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