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Author Archives: Hunter Hoffmann

Riskiest states for employee lawsuits

A Hiscox study revealed the riskiest states for employee lawsuits. Today, Hiscox released a survey detailing the best and worst areas for employee lawsuits in the US.  Four states – California, Illinois, Alabama and Mississippi – along with the District of Columbia, were the top five riskiest areas of the US for employee lawsuits. Businesses in […]

CVS owns healthy

There’s a small business branding lesson in the recent announcement from CVS. The announcement today by CVS corporation that they would stop selling cigarettes in their 7,600 stores nationwide is a great example of a company reminding people of what their brand truly stands for.  CVS is a huge national corporation, but the estimated $2 […]

How to keep your business and employees safe and protected in a disaster

Be prepared for the next storm. Have a plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be very detailed, but it should cover what is crucial to keeping your small business running. If you have to evacuate your office, or employees aren’t able to make it in, make sure your staff can log on to the office […]

The Affordable Care Act is here – will more start-ups follow?

The new healthcare law has gone into affect. See why Hiscox USA CEO Ben Walter thinks this may lead to a rise in entrepreneurship. Have you heard anything about this new health care law in the U.S.?  There are a lot of different opinions and energetic arguments on both sides about the merits of the […]

BlackBerry/Buggy Whip Union sign exclusive contract

The sale of BlackBerry took no one by surprise. Here’s what your small business can learn from the company’s failures. The dollar store sale price for the remains of BlackBerry, acquired Monday by Fairfax Financial, was a slow motion car crash that took almost nobody by surprise.  BlackBerry isn’t unique in their hubris, mismanagement and […]

Hiscox eDNA 2013: Small businesses and the U.S. economy

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series eDNA Survey

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series eDNA SurveyThe 2013 Hiscox eDNA small business survey highlights the triumphs and challenges of the American entrepreneur. Today we revealed the US results of the 5th annual Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur survey.  We surveyed 500 US small business owners and got their sentiments on […]

Let’s go micro

What can we do to get leaders to support America’s really small businesses? The rallying cry to support small businesses as the growth engine of our economy is universal, although few people in a position to make a difference are actually doing anything about it. But small business as a category has a very broad […]

Who is Really Small Business Friendly?

A survey of 7,000 small businesses, highlights who’s really on the side of the small business owners. The question is not, are we friendly to small business, but how can we be friendlier?  Although this is a common refrain of business and political leaders across the US, the new Small Business Survey shows […]

Small Business Continues to Fuel Debate at the 2012 Election

How has healthcare impacted your small business? Vote now: Once again, small business was a hot topic at last night’s debate. Although small business wasn’t one of the topics that got the candidates really riled up like energy or Libya, Romney kept his laser focus on the economy from the first debate. He repeatedly reeled off […]

Obama vs. Romney: How do we Tax Small Business?

During the first debate of the 2012 presidentail election, Romney and Obama went head to head on an important matter to small business owners: taxation. Small businesses continue to ask – What’s in it for us? The first presidential debate in the 2012 election will be remembered mostly for the contrast of an aggressive, disciplined Romney […]


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