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Hunter is Head of US Communications for Hiscox. In this position, he is responsible for media relations, social media, and external and internal communications for the company’s operations in the United States. Prior to joining Hiscox, Hoffmann held various management and communications roles in the financial services industry.

New Home Run Derby Knocks it Out of the Park

(MLB) completely revitalized one of their signature properties, the annual Home Run Derby, and it paid off with a more exciting contest. But change is never easy, and there were plenty of people who criticized the new format before last night. Congratulations to the MLB for having the courage to make major changes to a high profile event that left them open to plenty of criticism if things didn’t go right.

How courageous is America?

We asked business owners, the general US population and our Hiscox small business customers how they were feeling about the economy and the future, as well as how courageous they are in their personal and professional life to create the first American Courage Index.

3 Unique Ways Small Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day and is an opportunity for every business, no matter how big or small, to make some changes that will help reduce energy consumption and keep our world clean.

How will small business owners vote in the midterm elections?

The midterm elections are coming up next week and the leadership of the US Senate is in the balance with Republican in the lead in the majority of polls.  Beyond the current hot button issues of Ebola, ISIS, immigration and more is the question of which party has the best policies for small businesses and […]

Hiscox DNA of an American Entrepreneur 2014

The 2014 Hiscox DNA small business survey highlights the triumphs and challenges of the American entrepreneur. We’re excited to share the U.S. results from Hiscox’s sixth annual global DNA of an Entrepreneur report.  This year we again surveyed 500 U.S. small business owners and got their sentiments on their growth prospects, obstacles to future growth […]