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Hunter is Head of US Communications for Hiscox. In this position, he is responsible for media relations, social media, and external and internal communications for the company’s operations in the United States. Prior to joining Hiscox, Hoffmann held various management and communications roles in the financial services industry.

Thanks, but no thanks for the $500, VW

It takes years to build trust in your business and your products, and even longer to create an actual community. VW successfully did all of that, and then saw their community swiftly turn on them. The reversal of fortune can be even swifter for a company with smaller amounts of positive community sentiment in the bank.

Sued for wrongful termination? Riskiest states for employee lawsuits in 2015

Small business owners face a lot of challenges on their road to success, and it’s not just competitors that can derail their business. A major issue for US small businesses is the on-going threat of employee lawsuits. Companies of all sizes face these suits, but small businesses have the least resources to effectively defend themselves while they try to keep their business running.

3 Ways to Keep your Small Business from Becoming one of the Walking Dead

Zombie shows are popular, zombie businesses not so much. They’re still there, but they’re not really living and definitely not growing. How can you make sure your business doesn’t become one of the undead?

A Note On Helping Clients Overcome Obstacles

At Hiscox, we take great pride in being true partners with our clients. Hiscox clients know that we’ll always be there to help them keep their business protected and lend a helping hand when they need it the most. It’s especially great when we can support a client who is dedicated to helping others in a new way.

New Home Run Derby Knocks it Out of the Park

(MLB) completely revitalized one of their signature properties, the annual Home Run Derby, and it paid off with a more exciting contest. But change is never easy, and there were plenty of people who criticized the new format before last night. Congratulations to the MLB for having the courage to make major changes to a high profile event that left them open to plenty of criticism if things didn’t go right.