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Author Archives: Hunter Hoffmann

How will small business owners vote in the midterm elections?

The midterm elections are coming up next week and the leadership of the US Senate is in the balance with Republican in the lead in the majority of polls.  Beyond the current hot button issues of Ebola, ISIS, immigration and more is the question of which party has the best policies for small businesses and […]

Hiscox DNA of an American Entrepreneur 2014

The 2014 Hiscox DNA small business survey highlights the triumphs and challenges of the American entrepreneur. We’re excited to share the U.S. results from Hiscox’s sixth annual global DNA of an Entrepreneur report.  This year we again surveyed 500 U.S. small business owners and got their sentiments on their growth prospects, obstacles to future growth […]

For millions in donations, just add cold water

As the Ice Bucket challenges takes over social media, some are questioning it’s value – which is huge for ALS research. No matter where you looked over the past couple weeks – on TV, online and over social media – you couldn’t help but notice all the videos of people dumping buckets of cold water […]

Delete that tweet or get out of your seat

Small businesses and individuals need to be smart when using social media. Social media is the great equalizer between consumers and businesses.  A customer who has a bad experience with a product or service can now immediately broadcast it to the world over social media.  That’s just what one man did last week when he […]

Lebron James scores a communications win with his Cleveland return

Lebron James now understands the true value of his name and what it represents. Taking my talents to South Beach What a difference four years makes.  After the ill-conceived LeBron Decision in 2010 tarnished a personal brand many thought was untouchable, Lebron James learned his lesson, got better advisors and did it the right way this time.  […]

Small business owners are the perfect grill masters for your 4th of July BBQ

For the 4th of July holiday, consider having a small business owner take the helm of the BBQ grill. Make sure you have the right person manning the grill at this year’s July 4th BBQ.  Small business owners have the right skills you need to make this holiday weekend perfect. Stocking the cupboards – Some […]

What states are friendliest to small businesses?

The annual survey of small business owners offers interesting findings. At Hiscox we’re committed to doing everything we can to support small business. We not only want to help small business owners manage their risk, and offer advice on how to build and promote their business, we’re also interested in knowing about some of […]

Small business insurance is important, and it’s not hard to get

A recent small business survey cites the importance of having small business insurance. Hiscox specializes in insurance for small businesses, so if you ask us, you won’t be surprised that we believe it is a key component to creating and building a successful business.  But, you don’t need to just take it from us – […]

6 months later, Target still feels pain from data breach

If a large corporation is still feeling the pain months after a company data breach, what impact could a breach have on a small business? When Target’s monitoring system first picked up signs of a data breach a few days before Thanksgiving 2013 they immediately… did nothing at all.  Target had a sophisticated software system […]

Riskiest states for employee lawsuits

A Hiscox study revealed the riskiest states for employee lawsuits. Today, Hiscox released a survey detailing the best and worst areas for employee lawsuits in the US.  Four states – California, Illinois, Alabama and Mississippi – along with the District of Columbia, were the top five riskiest areas of the US for employee lawsuits. Businesses in […]


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