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After Hours Action: How to Keep Night Customers Happy

Follow these tips for keeping your business going after professional hours.

Today’s world never stops moving and if your business gets left behind, you’ll likely lose customers. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a life of your own.

Office building at night

Decide if you actually need an evening employee.

If your small business has enough client work to warrant an actual human being working after hours, you may want to consider it. Similarly, many companies hire an “answering service” to accept phone calls, make appointments and the like after the employees have gone home for the day. These messages can be easily returned in the morning and customers will feel acknowledged.

Train your team on protocol, including emergencies.

If you and the employees are the ones taking after-hours calls, establish a few rules. Let your team tell you what they feel most comfortable with, whether it is answering emails, texts or telephone calls.

You’ll also want to establish what counts as an emergency and have a different rule for those incidents. For example, the team could decide that email is a suitable way to contact one another on weekends, and phone calls should be reserved for emergency use only. A “chain of command” for weekend or evening emergencies is also important to have in place, so employees will know what is expected of them during a challenge. You should also establish an open company culture that allows everyone access to these protocols.

Don’t abuse it yourself.

Your employees appreciate working for someone who knows how to be a great boss. If you and the team decide on a certain system, don’t abuse it just because you are the boss. Employees will feel more confident in what is expected of their position – and are less likely to get burned out – if everyone agrees on certain communication strategies.

Remember, with a little bit of pre-planning with your team, you can enjoy relaxation time and keep your business prosperous.

Allison Rice is the Marketing Director for Amsterdam Printing, one of the nation’s largest providers of promotional products for businesses large and small. Amsterdam Printing specializes in custom pens and other promotional products such as calendars, water bottles, and bags. Allison regularly contributes to the Promo & Marketing Wall blog.

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