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3 Tips for Better Small Business Holiday Parties

December 11, 2014

With the end of the year comes a flurry of holidays, and with those holidays come holiday parties. For your staff and clients these festive events are nothing but fun, but as the small business owner you’ve got more on your mind than dinner and drinks; you’re thinking about your liability if something should go wrong.


To help free your mind for fun we’ve put together a quick list of holiday party considerations. Make sure you’ve got everything here covered and your holiday party will be fun for everyone – even you!


  1. Limit the alcohol. We know, most people like to have a drink or three at holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, alcohol is a major factor in accidents and injuries, leading to seemingly inconsequential mishaps like wine spilled on a white couch or much more serious incidents like drunk driving-related car accidents. Parties that take place before the sun goes down are normally less boozy; if you need to have your party at night, encourage guests to alternate between alcohol and non-alcohol beverages with a selection of alcohol-free alternative drinks for parties.


  1. Make sure you’ve got a general liability insurance policy. General liability coverage protects your business if there’s an accident that results in bodily injury or property damage. So, if your employee gets tipsy enough to fall and break their ankle, you’re covered for your portion of the medical costs. Or if a guest accidentally rips the drapery behind her table when her high heel catches the drape hem, your GL policy covers the cost of replacement.


  1. Make sure you understand your general liability policy. Does it cover rental equipment that is damaged? Will it cover your party if it takes place outside of your premises? Knowing the details of your policy *before* you plan the party will make it easier to ensure you’re operating within your policy’s limits.


We hope using these tips makes planning and enjoying your holiday party easier – and therefore, better!