Monthly Archives: December 2012

Start-ups Move from the Web to the Workbench

Hardware is the new software, but it isn’t computer accessories that are getting innovators’ creative juices flowing, it’s redesigning the can opener or other household gizmos. A new generation of entrepreneurs are working from garage workshops on ideas for new consumer products. Revolutions in design, manufacturing and sales have made it easier to bring new […]

Professional Liability Insurance for Cosmetologists

Your clients come to you so they can look their best, but what happens if you make a mistake and your client isn’t happy? That’s what cosmetology insurance is for. If you run a beauty salon you know how to deal with demanding clients. They expect the best because they want to look their best, […]

Every Entrepreneur Has Their Hero

Every entrepreneur has their hero, the person who helps to inspire them and whose words of wisdom they turn to during the dark days. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and we look to different people to help guide us in different stages and aspects of our lives. Some people might look to Einstein […]

Massage Therapists Should Consider Liability Insurance to Protect their Business

A massage therapist is a trained professional, whose expert hands can help relieve injuries and release all of a client’s stresses and strains. Being hands on, however, comes with higher risks. Like all professional services businesses, having the right small business insurance is important if you want to avoid getting hit by a lawsuit that […]

Is your small business run by ants or a gorilla?

A new generation of “bossless” companies are challenging the traditional corporate structure. Typically, the corporate world relies on a strict pecking order that runs from the CEO down through a team of middle managers to the workers. Bossless firms have few or no managers, with teams of workers instead deciding whether to hire and fire colleagues […]